Plagued by Self-Doubt?

plagued by self-doubt

When it comes to doing your most important work, you will be plagued by self-doubt throughout the journey. It’s normal. 

Sometimes the doubt stops us in our tracks or sends us to bed in our pajamas for a day. 

Sometimes the doubt is just a blip, a brief thought that dissipates like the morning fog.

How can you move through self-doubt and back to belief?

  1. Practice – take consistent baby steps towards your dream every day.
  2. Remind yourself of your past accomplishments – you are amazing! 
  3. Get creative – paint your doubt out or write it out and release it.
  4. Ask for support – you don’t have to do this alone. And it is okay to ask for help. 

Number 4 used to be the hardest for me. I thought I had to struggle and suffer alone. I’m smart! I can figure this out! Which led to a lot of grief and frustration. Now I am surrounded by amazing supportive friends who talk me off the ledge of self-doubt and remind me why I am here. We all need people on our side who can see our genius better than we can.

Above is a cartoon I created recently. My mom and I have been drawing together virtually since the beginning of the year, finding different lists of prompts or creating our own. This month we are working on a fun list of more abstract prompts than flower or tree. This prompt was “reflection.” 

You will see in the bubbles a progression of sentence starters to help you move through doubt and back to possibility. I use this over and over to connect to the truth that I have everything I need within me right now and if not, I know how to ask for help.

Journaling prompts for dealing with self-doubt

Try writing your responses to these prompts for an area of your life/biz that needs a little tender, loving attention from you write now:

  • I don’t believe I can…
  • I’m afraid to…
  • I wish I could…
  • What if I… 
  • It might be possible to…
  • I believe I can… 

I see your genius dear creative reader, do you? It’s there. Sometimes we simply need to pause and reflect on who we are being and all that we have accomplished in the past.

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