36 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Business Page

how to grow your facebook page

how to grow your facebook page

36 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Business Page

In yesterday’s post, I talked about how being willing to take risks is crucial to both our business and creative success. I have found that my clients who are new to social media or who have only used it for their personal entertainment, struggle with making the switch to pitching their business on Facebook, especially to their friends.

In order to successfully grow your business, you have to be willing to put yourself out there. Knowing how to do that effectively can minimize the feelings of risk and concern that you are spamming your friends and prospects. Also, remember that social media is just one piece of a successful marketing strategy. See my post on creating a visual marketing plan to understand the role social media plays.

Take a look at Mari Smith’s page. She is a Facebook superstar with close to 140,000 likes on her business page! What do you notice right away about her page? how to grow your facebook business page

Now it’s your turn.

How to Grow Your Facebook business page

Here are a few things to know as you get started or if you already have a Facebook fan page and want to increase your number of likes.

  1. Just because you build a Facebook business page doesn’t mean the people are going to start following you, this is not the field of dreams. There are a few things you need to do in order to get the people to like your page. Using a memorable tagline and creating some calls to action are just a few of the first steps you need to take.
  2. When creating a Facebook tagline you should use some keywords in it. This will also help brand your business. Be sure that you pick a tagline that you will want to keep and one that is easy to remember and will make people think of you when they hear the signature phrase. Don’t agonize over getting this perfect right off the bat, sometimes taglines take a while to create and they can evolve over time.
  3. There are a few places you should use your tagline on your Facebook page. One is in the spot where Facebook allows you to write something about you (or your page). Another good place to use it is within the logo image. And lastly, you can also use it within the body of your page.
  4. Use your best keywords in the Facebook information (description) box or text box. This will help to attract fans through a search they do via Facebook or Google.
  5. Use a call to action like ‘follow us’ in the Facebook information (description) box or text box.
  6. Entice people to sign up for your list by ‘baiting’ them with a high value freebie by putting this information in the Facebook description box or text box.
  7. Creating a memorable tagline to use on your Facebook business page should sum up your product’s main benefit.
  8. When it comes to your Facebook business page, keep in mind that you should put your best content above the fold. This content should be the stuff that you do not want your readers to go away without seeing.
  9. The first purpose of your Facebook fan page should be to create a bond with your readers. The second purpose is to drive traffic to your website. The third purpose is to make you easy to find.
  10. Once you have some followers to your page make sure you engage them. Interact with them on a regular basis. Ask questions, create Facebook notes, etc.
  11. What makes an effective Facebook page? It’s one that makes your fans ‘like’ you, act on your call to action and engage in conversation with you. Here is another awesome example of a superstar FB business page from Social Media Examiner which is a fabulous resource for everything social media related!be a social media superstar
  12. One way to get people to your Facebook page and ‘like’ it is by using the suggest to friends option. However, use caution when doing this. Don’t send it to everyone on your friends list. Pick only those people that you think would benefit from your page and the information you’ll be sharing on the page.
  13. 4 Ways to use your Facebook status update: (1) announce that you are running a fans only special one day. (2) You’ll be answering questions on your page on such and such a day – free coaching Thursday or something like that for example. (3) Share a link to a new product on your website. (4) Share a link to a new blog post and more. Don’t do them all at once though.
  14. The best way to market/use Facebook is to figure out when your top/best prospects hang out on there and then talk about your page (make sure you have a call to action to visit it or like it) during that time. A good rule of thumb if you’re not entirely sure is to post before noon. But whatever the time may be, sometimes all you can do is simply buy those likes on TheMarketingHeaven.com, for even giant companies like Walmart had to resort to publicising on Facebook at one point.
  15. To grow your FB following find groups/people/pages that are similar to you & friend them, like them or join the group. Don’t spam groups or pages or people though. A good rule to follow is to ask yourself “if I post this is it going to benefit me or the other person?”
  16. ‘Spice’ up your Facebook posts by using video. Make sure your videos are short, entertaining, and captivating. Your goal with a video should be to leave the person who just watched it, feeling like you helped them by sharing a useful tip or brightened their day by making them laugh.
  17. Be sure to check your Facebook stats once in awhile so you can track how things are going. You can do this by looking at the ‘Google Insights’ section on the left hand side of your page. This information will show you active users, number of likes and you can even see who has unsubscribed or hidden your posts.
  18. Interact with your Facebook ‘fans’. If someone writes on your wall or comments on something you wrote, acknowledge it. Even if all you do is ‘like’ that comment, you’ve acknowledged it. Credit them for tips or links they’ve shared. Every couple of comments that you do comment on, be sure to use a ‘fans’ name. Visit their pages and comment or like something they’ve shared. If appropriate tag them in something.
  19. Make a daily habit of checking out at least 3 pages or blogs per day and leave a comment that mentions something specific they said so it shows you really paid attention to what they wrote. I am a huge tennis fan, here is Roger Federer’s page with over 14 million likes, check out what he is up to on his page! grow your facebook business page
  20. Use repetition to build your Facebook followers. Meaning, repeat your Facebook page URL on every online and offline media you own.
  21. To save some time and automate your Facebook posting you can use apps like TweetDeck, HootSuite, etc. Keep in mind that while automation is a good thing, you should still interact with your followers by engaging in conversation with them, etc. So if you’re going to automate the posting, get in there manually for say 10-15 minutes every day so that you can interact with your followers.
  22. Submit your Facebook page to other social bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumble Upon, Delicious, etc.
  23. To grow your Facebook following set a goal of how many new followers you would like to find once a day or once a week. It doesn’t matter how often you decide to do it, just pick a goal and stick to that goal.
  24. Every time you add a new group of friends be sure to post a link to your Facebook Page. That way, these ten people (or how many ever) will all see your link at the same time. Doing it this way will hopefully annoy your current followers a lot less than if you were posting the link daily. Don’t forget to include a call to action – be sure to invite them to your page don’t just throw up a link to your page.
  25. Promote an event via your Facebook page. This will provide a way for you to ‘get in front of’ all your friends because the event invitation with show up in all their feeds.
  26. To brand yourself on Facebook you need to stop and think about where you want to be later on down the road. Think about what you want people to know you for and what your unique selling point is and figure out your mission statement.
  27. When it comes to your online business, utilizing Facebook is more than likely an important tool you want to utilize. There are more than 200 million people accessing FB every hour. That’s a lot of people! So if you aren’t using FB you could be missing out on a whole lot of potential buying market!
  28. Remember, when setting up your Facebook profile you should be entering information that is going to present you in the best and most approachable light to potential customers. It’s not about showcasing yourself but about presenting yourself in alignment with a potential prospects interests.
  29. If you are going to be using Facebook for primarily business purposes, sign up using your business email address.
  30. When setting up your Facebook page think about who your customers are, what they are going to want to know about you and what information you could specialize in that would be helpful. Once you’ve thought about things finish creating your page.
  31. When it comes to posting on your Facebook page, try to not go off on tangents that your followers aren’t going to relate to or aren’t interested in. Remember, try to not vent or share too much information that shouldn’t be shared. You can be ‘real’ without venting about every little thing that happens or without airing your ‘dirty laundry’.
  32. An important thing to remember about Facebook (or social media in general) is that you can’t post several times a day for awhile and then ‘fall off the face of earth’ for the next 2-3 weeks. While you don’t want to spend all your time on social media, you should set a specific amount of time (10-15 minutes) that you will spend interacting each day.
  33. The prime real estate of your Facebook page is the profile section. This is where you get to tell others what your mission statement is, who you are and what you can do for them.
  34. While you may think it’s a good idea to use your business logo as your Facebook image it’s not (unless this is your business fan page). You should use a real photo of yourself so that people can see your face.
  35. If you want to import your blog posts into Facebook, you can use the app called Networked Blogs. You’ve probably seen this used by a lot of fellow marketers and seen the blog posts show up in your RSS feed.
  36. Add a Facebook badge to your websites. It’s easy to create and easy to add the HTML code to your site to display the badge. You can play around with the badge to make it the width, etc that you want before ‘approving’ it to get the HTML code for your site.

I know this seems like a lot of information and perhaps a bit overwhelming. What I suggest is that you pick a few of the items on this list to tackle at a time. If Facebook is where your ideal clients are hanging out, it’s an important part of your marketing strategy.

Some of the items on this list require daily time and attention. I recommend that you schedule time in your calendar on a daily basis to do your social media work. 15 to 30 minutes should be plenty of time. Set a time for yourself so that you don’t end of surfing your newsfeed or watching cute kitten videos.

To be successful on Facebook, you need to be authentic, committed and stay connected to your audience. Facebook is a tool for building relationships, not for making direct sales although it can result in sales for you!

I would love to invite you to my Facebook page to see what I am up to. You will see that I am doing some of these things and could always be doing better. Marketing is a constant work in progress. It’s more important to get it going than get it perfect. So get out there and start now so that you can grow your Facebook business page.

If you don’t have a marketing plan and don’t understand how Facebook fits into your overall marketing strategy, let’s talk. I offer a complimentary 30-minute “My Perfect Marketing Plan” strategy session. You can apply here and get started growing your business now!

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    Thank for sharing! Some of these things I already knew and some of these things are new to me. I can’t wait to start implementing some of the things, I learned today to make my marketing plan complete. I have put your blog on my favorite audio list. Thanks for sharing awesomeness!

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