Are You Manifesting Opportunity or Waiting for it to Show Up?

manifesting opportunity

manifesting opportunity

Are You Manifesting Opportunity or Waiting for it to Show Up?

In her new journal Imagine Self-Love, Reba Linker writes “Our most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves. From the moment of our arrival on earth as infants – beautiful, blissful and open – we travel a long journey, learning what we should and shouldn’t be or do, adopting the beliefs of those around us, and making them our own.”

I have discovered that our relationship with ourselves can be our biggest challenge when it comes to growing a business, or our biggest gift. I see it happen with my clients daily. The ones that have a powerful, positive mindset move faster than the ones who are stuck in doubt, fear or lack of self-love.

One of the post powerful gifts you can give yourself is take a journey back to self-love. I love being in a public place, like standing in line at the grocery store, and watching children. They are so fearless and they don’t care who’s watching. I remember this beautiful girl in a bright colored dress with bouncy, curly pig tails who was singing and dancing while she waited in line with her mom. She was twirling and smiling, not caring who was was watching. She was wrapped up in creative joy!

That is the feeling of self-love that I want you to think about as you plan what your next steps are in your business. As I was flipping through Reba’s beautiful journal and deciding what to share with you today, the following section leaped out at me.

This is an excerpt from the journal, which is full of beautiful and impactful prompts like this one.


On a piece of paper, write: “Today, I find the opportunity to…” [complete the sentence
with what you wish to have the opportunity to do].

If you write your note at night, tuck it in a pajama pocket, or under your pillow or
mattress, or keep it close by on your night table. The following day, carry the note all day (ladies – tucking the note in your bra is a great way to keep it close). When you have a private moment, take it out and reread it. If you write your note in the morning, simply carry it or wear it on your person that same day.

Note any interesting occurrences that happen for you throughout the day. Did being on the lookout for those opportunities make you more aware? How did it feel?

I have been a successful entrepreneur for close to 15 years. I learned the hard way that sitting around waiting for something to happen is not going to help you to create a profitable business. It’s so important to manifest the opportunities that you want! One of my favorite daily mantras is “I get one new client today.” This mantra has helped me to build a 6-figure coaching practice. I followed that mantra with specific actions but it was the intention and belief in myself that helped me to stay the course, even when clients weren’t flowing in daily!

What opportunity do you want to manifest? If you feel like you are stuck in doubt, judgment and lack of faith in yourself, please take a look at Reba Linker’s gorgeous journal or check out her course on Daily Om! Imagine Self-Love will support you in getting on the path to profit and staying there. See below for all the details, including how to download a free chapter!

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You can download a free chapter of Imagine Self-Love at:

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Life,” is being offered by the Daily OM on a pay what you wish
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