Your Burning Questions: Who am I?

your burning questions

What are your burning questions? I often have questions rolling around in my head like, who am I or what’s my purpose? Most days I have a pretty good sense of who I am and that my purpose is to help others see their own brilliance and beauty. Sometimes I find it hard to put into words what I am passionate about.

As I was writing my morning pages this morning and reading the book Belonging by Toko-pa Turner, I felt affirmed by these words. I have said something similar but loved her eloquent and succinct wording: “I believe that have more than enough creativity to solve the problems of our times, but we have to make a perilous trek into the wilderness within to reclaim it.”

This is the beauty and meaning of the creative depth work that I love. It allows you to travel into the wilds of your own imaginings, to remember the places you’ve been: the ones you want to forget and the ones you want to bring forward into the now.

“What you seek is seeking you,” said Rumi.

I remember a metaphor from a coaching session that sat with me for weeks. My coach said to me, “It’s as if you are in a boat floating gently down stream but you are facing upstream.” I took this to my morning page and to my art work. I realized I wasn’t trusting what seemed too easy. I expected things to be hard.

This was a light bulb moment for me. I wasn’t allowing myself to be in the ease and the flow. Art as process is one way I’ve allowed my purpose to find me. As I write, paint, add images intuitively, unsure of the direction I am going, I inevitably find myself. Some of my best business ideas, entire curriculums, new poems and big dreams have found me on the page. So have grief, longing and sadness.

Everything rises to the surface to be healed and transformed. We spend so much time running away from the past or pushing our way into the future that we forget to trust our intuition, to simply sit and ponder the wonder of the worlds within us.You too can draw a map of your imaginings on the page with words and images to mark where you are on the journey. To determine what direction to take next.

This is the art journal page I made as I sat in deep contemplation a few mornings ago.

burning questions

Creative work is deep work.

That doesn’t mean creative work isn’t also fun, playful glorious work. I love seeing the bright lights in my client’s eyes when they look at a collage they’ve created and see themselves looking back or discover answers to burning questions like:

  • Who am I?
  • How did I get here?
  • What’s my purpose?
  • Where am I going?
  • How can it be easy?

These are big questions and they can feel overwhelming and all-consuming at different stages of your life. Sometimes the urgency to find the answers lights a fire in your belly and you are called to the adventure of self-discovery.

If you are feeling that fire, that burning curiosity to explore the depths of your emerging self, I am offering a few complimentary creative depth coaching sessions in the next couple of weeks.This session is for you if you are a woman in midlife or beyond seeking direction for the next phase of your life, you are willing to have a deep, meaningful conversation and you are seeking new ways to find answers to your burning questions.

Curious to experience creative depth coaching for yourself? Schedule a complimentary session here.

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  1. Kate Loving Shenk on February 9, 2021 at 5:03 pm

    My questions are mainly asked on long walks everyday, morning pages first thing, and meaningful conversations with my friends. OM

    • minette on February 9, 2021 at 6:44 pm

      Beautiful! Thank you Kate. These are all part of my creative practice too.

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