Day 2 of 100 Days of Positive Self-Talk: Today I choose love.

I have always loved Mary Oliver’s poem “The Summer Day” and her now famous lines “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Today I am sitting with this line from the perspective of what will I do with this one precious day

Today is the only day that matters. 

Today I have the opportunity to be here, enjoy, love, take care, connect, celebrate, nurture and nourish myself and others. 

Today I get to choose how I will spend my time, energy and talents.

What might be different in my life if I approached every day with beginner’s mind and fresh eyes?  If I treated each day as if it is a precious and finite resource?

Part of this 100 days of positive self-talk is to focus in on what will have the most significant impact on my relationship with myself. What will change my beliefs, thoughts and actions? Perhaps it is a simple as being present in the moment with myself.

I realize how often I complicate things, make them harder than they need to be, judge them and hold on to them rather than letting days past be past and focusing on what I can change now.

Today I give myself a big hug. Today I choose love.

My positive self-talk sounds something like this, “Minette, I love you, I choose to nurture and care for you today with healthy food, fresh air and creative time.”

What positive words could you say to yourself today?