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Happiness! Wow, we here a lot of talk about happiness in today’s magazines, books and blogs. It’s a topic that so many of us wrestle with.  That’s why I’ve joined host and bestselling Publisher Linda Joy as a Sacred Sponsor of the Choosing Happiness Crusade and Video Series.  This inspirational series features 30 intimate soul-inspiring video conversations created to inspire YOU to believe that despite the messiness of life – happiness is within reach. Unlike other “interview’ style events Linda’s style makes you feel like you are sitting at the kitchen table with your dearest friends getting real, raw and vulnerable!

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In yesterday’s blog post, I talked about How Much Transparency is Too Much when it comes to sharing your personal stories on social media. I shared how my son’s 16th birthday was not the celebration I had hoped for, happy was the last emotion that any of us were feeling that day. But at the end of the day, I can say that we stayed connected – to each other, to love and to our desire for the best possible outcome for the day!

As I was contemplating what I wanted to share today about Happiness and what happiness means to me, I focused in on the topic of connection. Connection is one of my personal values, it’s what drives me in my business and what keeps my life both fun and fulfilling. I love feeling deeply connected to others. I love connecting two people who need to know each other. I love connecting people to resources they need. But mostly, I love settling into a genuine feeling of curiosity and connecting to another person by listening, really listening to who they are and what they want to create in their life.

And perhaps most importantly, I work hard to stay connected to my family. When that connection gets broken, I get distracted or let anger speak, then we all suffer. The happiness meter drops from high to low and it takes work to shift everyone’s energy back to high. But I am committed to doing that.

Research shows that I am not alone in my need to be connected to people. In fact, after food and water, it’s the #1 need all humans experience. We thrive when we are in an environment where we feel connected to at least one other person.

How does connection impact your personal happiness?

If you are feeling isolated from others, what is one thing you can do to feel more connected today?

I encourage you to watch the 30 happiness videos and hear inspirational stories that show the value of connection and sharing your story.

Real, raw, and vulnerable!  That’s how women are describing the Choosing Happiness video series.  As Bestselling Publisher & host Linda Joy shares “My hope in creating this intimate series is that you will see some part of yourself in their stories, and understand the empowered choices these soul-inspiring women have made are yours to make as well.”

This is NOT your run of the mill interview series… this is a sacred conversation between two women with the intent to inspire YOU, and all women, to believe in the power of possibility and the power within yourself. That’s why I joined Linda as a #SacredSponsor of this inspiring event.

You’ll meet 30 inspiring women who have stepped through their fears about speaking their truth, gone deep into their souls, and showed up as their radiant authentic selves to share their inspiring stories as healing tools for you.

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