Happy Marriage February

Special Offer from Ready for Happiness
and Dr. Minette Riordan

core temperament

I hope you enjoyed the Ready for Happiness free teleseminarĀ  and are ready to take the next step in repairing your relationships or deepening your connection with your partner and your children. I have put together a special introduction on core temperament just for the Ready for Happiness group.

This program is perfect for you if:

  • you are struggling to create the close, loving relationship you want
  • you are feeling unhappy in your relationship and are committed to improving it
  • you feel like you have tried everything and don’t know what to try next
  • you love your spouse but are always looking for new tools for deepening your relationship
  • you are struggling with your relationships with your children
  • you love learning new tools and useful information to help you grow

Here’s what you can expect to learn from this program:

  • What your core temperament is
  • Your partner and/or children’s core temperament(s)
  • How to use this information to repair relationships or deepen connections
  • How to use this information to improve your communication skills – at home or at work
  • Bonus: Get a PDF copy of Dr. Riordan and Dr. Goode’s book From Fizzle to Sizzle: 4 Crucial Tools for Repairing Relationships which includes core temperament and 3 more powerful tools for kicking romance into high gear this year!

Here’s what included:

  • 1-hour pre-recorded webinar on core temperament, the #1 tool for improving and repairing your relationships ($300 value)
  • Core temperament assessment in PDF format ($60)
  • Set of Printable Core Temperament Cards ($20)
  • Free PDF copy of From Fizzle to Sizzle: 4 Crucial Tools for Relationship Repair ($20)
  • Free Downloadable Report: 10 Quick & Easy Ways to Rekindle the Romance Now ($20)


Minette Riordan

Total Value: $420.00

The price for Ready for Happiness listeners – $99.00