How to use LinkedIn to generate thousands of leads

use linked in to generate leads

use linked in to generate leads

How to use LinkedIn to generate thousands of leads

I went to a great presentation on Sunday in Los Angeles on how to use LinkedIn effectively. David Cole was the speaker and he did an excellent job of summarizing some specific tips and tools that will allow anyone to use LinkedIn as an excellent resource for lead generation. But what impressed me most was his explanation of social selling, as well as his belief that social selling is the ONLY way to sell online.

I find that the creative entrepreneurs I work with tend to either hate sales or be terrified of asking for a sale. They mistakenly think that social media will provide the answer to their prayers – no more cold calling, no more selling! I am here to tell you first, social media is not the answer to your financial prayers and second, social selling is the key to building a never-ending flow of potential clients using social media. Huh? Sounds counterintuitive doesn’t it.

Bear with me for a moment. I guarantee that when done well, you can learn to love sales – either in person or using social media. Today’s blog post will focus specifically on using LinkedIn, but these tips hold true for any social network you frequent.

The trick to learning to love sales is understanding three things:

1. You 100% believe what you are selling has value for the prospect!

2. You have proven that your service, product or system changes lives.

3. You have the clients’ best interests at heart; you are here to change their lives for the better.

You deserve to paid for your gifts and the amazing work you do in the world. Social media is a phenomenal tool for generating warm leads: that means people who already feel like they know you and can see that you have credibility. But at the end of the day, you still have to personally seal the deal. Sealing the deal is much simpler and significantly less sales-y when you invest time and energy in building relationships first.

So what is social selling?

Social selling is the art of building value-added relationships with potential prospects.

Okay, great, but how do you do that? It’s simpler than you think and takes less time than you might imagine.

How to use LinkedIn to generate leads:

how to use linkedinThese are David Cole’s 6 tips for creating an endless list of potential clients using LinkedIn. Most of them are surprisingly common sense. Not only that, they are fun and allow you to be of service first, creating warm, fuzzy connections with your prospects. Selling is so much easier when you invest the time in building a relationship FIRST!

1. Identify your ideal prospects

You have heard me preach about this dozens if not hundreds of times. You must know who your ideal client is! If you do not have a written, clear description of your ideal client, you can click here listen to the replay of my webinar and download my Ideal Client Checklist. The number one reason you are not reaching your financial goals is because you are not clear about who your client is and how you can best serve them.

2. Send a “Connection Request.”

Be sure to personalize the connection request. Don’t just hit send with the generic LinkedIn request. Why do you want to connect with this person?

3. Send a Thank You Message

David emphasized the value of not skipping this step. LinkedIn as a platform has a particular etiquette in place. Remember your manners and remember to offer to be of service first. Say thank you for connecting and ask how you can help them.

4. Send Value-Added Relationship Building Messages!

This is my favorite part and yes, it takes a little time but I guarantee it’s worth it. Get to know your connections interests as well as their needs. Know what industry they are and some of the challenges they may be facing. Then send them some awesome content that will pique their curiosity, is aligned with their interests or will help them in their business. All you have to do is include a link to a video or blog post with a note that you are sharing something you thought would be of interest. That’s it, simple. And effective.

5. Join Groups on LinkedIn that your prospects are affiliated with.

David repeated this motto several times: Give – Share – Care. When you join a group, comment on discussions and share relevant content of interest to the members of the group. No selling allowed! But the more you share, show you care and participate, the more visible you become to your ideal prospects.

6. Engage with an interested prospect by moving the conversation to email, phone or a face to face meeting.

This is where you get to be the superstar, the expert and also where you have the opportunity to share with the prospect how your product or service can change their life. You are not their to sell them but you are there to determine if doing business with you is the right move for both you and the prospect.

I bet you didn’t start your business just to make a buck, you started your business because you  are passionate about making a difference and being of service to others. When you approach every sales conversation from the perspective of service combined with knowing you can make a difference, sales becomes fun, heart-centered and meaningful.

If you are struggling to charge what you are worth and struggling to close enough sales to meet your financial goals, I can help. I would love to offer you a FREE 30-minute “Sales Breakthrough Session.” I offer a limited number of these complimentary sessions so I encourage you to click here to apply now.


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  1. Becky KAPSALIS on January 27, 2015 at 8:12 pm

    You are something else, Minette. I mean that in a GOOD WAY! You are one of the people in my life who, after reading your blogs and posts, make me want to jump out of my chair and take on my world.
    I truly believe you care about my success. All I can say is…..
    “Right back atcha, Minette.” Thank You!

  2. Krithika Rangarajan on January 28, 2015 at 11:07 am

    I ENJOY your newsletters, Minette – thank you for these invaluable tips about how engage in ‘social selling’ using LinkedIn! #HUGS


    • minette on January 29, 2015 at 10:39 am

      Thanks Krithika, glad to see you hear on the blog. How’s that adorable Oreo?? Glad you liked the LinkedIn tips.

  3. Cyndi Elliott on February 1, 2015 at 12:32 pm

    This is fantastic info! Thank you.
    I love the emphasis on being of service. I get that, and it shifts the whole view. Once again, you are leading me by my heart’s longings.
    Thank for helping me help others!

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