Inktober 2018 Day 9 Zentangle Style

Inktobertangles 2018

I am still having fun with Inktober 2018 and am drawing something every day. It’s only day 9, we will see if I can keep it. I haven’t lost interest yet, which is what usually happens with me and challenges like this one. I get busy, distracted or bored.

As I pondered why this happened, I realized I often would dive into a challenge because it sounded fun but I didn’t commit to the process or the journey. This has been true for weight loss and fitness challenges as well as writing or art challenges.

What feels different this time is my level of commitment and my clear reason why I want to participate.

As I mentioned in a previous post on Inktober, my commitment is to get better at drawing botanicals. Today’s prompt was daisies and yesterday was poppies, the day before ferns of all kinds. So fun to draw each of these.

I am also a Certified Zentangle Teacher and tangle patterns creep into all of my work. So I decided to follow the Inktobertangles prompts from also.

The most fun I have had has been learning new tangle patterns like yesterday’s Cockles n Mussels by Margaret Bremner or today’s Fe Ba from Lisa Chang. Even the names are playful and bring me joy. Then I’ve been combining these patterns with the botanicals into something fun and unique.

It’s been stretching me creatively and giving me lots of practice in drawing. Tangling in the Zentangle® style is often my way to relax in the evenings, now I am just doing it with a little more intention and learning a lot along the way.

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