Painting to Heal

Painting to Heal

There are many, many paths to healing the wounds, doubts and stories we hold in our hearts and bodies around creativity. The one that has transformed my own life most dramatically is painting. I love painting to heal stories and create wholeness out of the fragmented sense of self I often feel.

On the canvas I have been able to work through anger, grief, outrage, and fear as I felt them flow up and out of me through color and movement. 

Painting to Heal

And then there is also painting in delight, wonder, joy, calm, peace.

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Over the years I’ve wandered down many different paths to healing past trauma and releasing stored emotions that were no longer serving me. They all worked but there’s something about painting that has created a new resonance and spaciousness in my heart. It’s become a healthy habit like brushing my teeth that I can’t live without. 

Heal Your Relationship with Creativity

I’ve said before that making art is a courageous act of self-love. Healing our relationship with our own creativity is also courageous. 

I had a conversation with a woman today who told me horror stories of her “mean art teacher” and how long it took her to start making art again. I hear these stories of grief and outrage over and over again. I have my own stories to share; don’t ask me about my experience with ballet! 

Being Told Stop! You’re Not Talented Enough

Have you had that experience where you were told outright to stop! To stop singing (this happened to me), to stop dancing (this one too) or to stop drawing, painting, and on and on. 

Seemingly well meaning adults tell us we’re not very good so we should stop wasting our time on a particular activity. Because if you can’t excel at it or make money at it,  it must not be worth investing time in. So “I can’t…” becomes a recurring mantra in your subconscious.

Create a New Mantra

What I stand for is finding joy in the experience, in the practicing beginner’s mind and childlike wonder at our own ability to put color and marks on canvas in an order and a combination that pleases us. 

I love to paint.

I like to paint pretty things.

I adore painting meaningful things that speak directly from my soul to the world.

Which is why I’m so excited about my upcoming Buddha painting class. 

This will be so much more than a “how to paint a pretty Buddha” class. If that’s what you want, great. But expect more! I will also take you on a deeper journey through journaling and a contemplation of 7 principles of creative living to create a Buddha that is meaningful and beautiful, so that every time you look at it you will remember the layers of meaning beneath the final image. 

Remember how I said that painting is a path to healing? Maybe you are reading this and saying to yourself: 

  • I can’t paint.
  • I can’t draw.
  • I’m not an artist.
  • I’m not creative.
  • I couldn’t possibly make mine look like theirs. 

Stop it! You can. If you are willing to engage your childlike sense of wonder, practice beginner’s mind and trust me to guide you step-by-step through the process. Including a fun way to “draw” Buddha’s face that will ensure you get it just right.

Maybe you are saying I don’t have the right supplies. No problem, my friend Andrea has prepared beautiful kits for this class that you can order. 

Maybe you have been longing to paint but have never picked up a brush or haven’t picked one up in years… no problem. This will be an easy as 1-2-3 way to get back into painting.

Or maybe, you love to paint as much as I do and have all the supplies! Then come on Minette, what are you waiting for? We will have so much fun painting this beautiful and meaningful work of art.

Painting to heal your relationship to yourself starts with one simple painting. Let’s do this together. Check out the class here.

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