She’s Talking Back Podcast a Hit!

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She’s Talking Back Podcast

I am so honored to have been one of the featured guests on the fantastic, hot new podcast “She’s Talking Back”. Rockstar host Michelle McGlade and I covered a huge range of topics. Here’s her introduction to our conversation.

“Before we dig in, I have a little bit more to say about this episode. I take time to reflect and think about what is the one or two golden nuggets because all you need to know is that one little bit of information that can change everything. This episode is jam-packed. It’s clear that Minette and I have a lot to talk about, and we go quite a bit all over the place. We’re talking artificial intelligence and creativity in the workplace, the tug of war between productivity and innovation. We get into this deep discussion about the midlife crisis for women, how that’s different than men and inner critic.

What I want you to learn and take away is the through-line of this episode, which is where I start the interview, which is talking with Minette around limiting beliefs and her conversation around being too afraid to speak up. The challenge for women is not allowing our authentic voice to roll right out of us. That is the purpose of this show. It’s the foundation of the show. There is a little bit of everything here for everyone. It’s centered around the concept of unleashing your creative calling and the fact that we don’t do that. We ignore those voices and we’re too afraid to let it unleash and come out through us. I can’t wait to know what you think about this episode.”

Where to Listen

You can listen in and read the show notes here. Also be sure to check out her other fantastic interviews. And if you love what you here, please go leave her some comment love on iTunes.

Other episodes I loved

I particularly liked this interview with Page Goss on Vulnerability based leadership. Page Goss has built a $5 million dollar business in a short period of time and she hasn’t done it alone. Her story is so inspiring.


creativity in the workplace, innovation, artificial intelligence, signs of midlife crisis in women, overcoming limiting beliefs, The Confidence Code

We had one of these dreamy conversations where we went deep, went wide and found so much we agreed on. And Michelle herself is not only a great host, she’s a brilliant award-winning three time business owner and best selling author who began podcasting in 2015 for the love of uncovering the story behind the story.

I know I can’t wait to go binge listen to more episode! Get the complete list here.

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