Love Notes to Myself: Be a Warrior of Success

Self-Portrait of the Artist

This is a love note for you, for me, for all our creative sisters and brothers: it’s time to become a warrior of success. 

You are the proud owner of a unique and brilliant skill set that will comfortably carry you through life. There is no one else in the world that is YOU, that has the same heady and powerful combination of gifts and talents that you do.

Do you see how amazing you are?

I do, I see you.

Your perseverance and ability to confidently implement your unique skills is the key to your success. Look for fresh, creative ways to allow yourself to play full out in all areas of your life.

You can do anything you set your mind to. You are a warrior of success! 

Do you have those moments when you experience a crisis of confidence? When you feel like you have been pushing and working so hard and can’t get any traction? When you want to go back to bed, eat donuts and binge watch Downton Abbey reruns?

You are human, my love. When your personal insecurities try to get the best of you, quickly remind yourself of your accomplishments. It can be so helpful to keep a list, a long list, of all the things you have accomplished in your lifetime that you are proud of. Read it daily or when your confidence dips.

Leave love notes to yourself around the house to remind you of how brilliant, wonderful, confident and beautiful you are.

Today pause a moment to look in the mirror today and remind yourself: 

  • I am strong, independent, and unstoppable.
  • And I triumph over any roadblocks that arise on my path.
  • My abilities carry me through anything. I am undeniably a warrior of success!

Today, I invite you to believe in your abilities.

To reflect on your triumphs and look forward to a bright future.

To take time to pause, to breathe and to connect to your Inner Warrior.

I often do this through creative process as in the self-portrait above or through collage or journaling. I love using JourneyCircles™ for my personal storytelling or for working with my coaching clients to find their Inner Warrior. 

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I leave you today with a few questions and prompts for self-reflection and journaling. If you find words aren’t coming easily, grab a magazine and allow images to speak to you. 

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do your friends, family or clients fill in this statement: You are so good at ____________?
  2. Who are three warriors of success I admire and why?
  3. Which major achievements in my lifetime am I most proud of? (Professional and personal!)

Remember, I see you. I see me. We see each other. We are not alone in this journey of life. 

Go be the warrior today.



P.S. Come follow me on Instagram to see more of my art and work with JourneyCircles™. I love IG and will follow back. Let’s grow together my warrior friends. 

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