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Writing Prompt inspired by Pema Chodron

I love this quote by Pema Chodron. My friend Ramona pointed this quote out to me last week and I felt called to create something with it. After I created the image you see above, I knew I wanted to journal with this quote too. Why is it that this quote touched me so deeply? I love Pema Chodron, much of what she writes touches me and reminds me to look beyond the emotions of the moment to the truth of my reality. I also love to use quotes as writing prompts. When I am feeling writer’s block, they get me into motion again and get the ink and the words flowing!

If I see myself as just the sky, as Chodron suggests, I see limitless possibilities: I am infinite.

If I am the sky, I am a container for the sun, moon, stars and planets.

If I am the sky, weather passes through me, it doesn’t take me over or happen to me.

If I am the sky, I am wide open to receiving.

Here is your writing prompt for today:

First, I recommend you get your crayons, markers or watercolors out and create your own vision of the sky. Then, write, “When I see myself as the sky, I …. ”

Have fun with this and stay present while you are writing. This is about who you are right now, not who you want to become or who you might have been. You are the sky!

Happy writing,