Hi, I'm Minette.

I believe that we are all creative and the more we embrace and share our creative genius, the more fulfilled our lives will be and the more impact we will have on the world.

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Find the Missing Pieces

Have you been feeling like something is missing in your life but you aren’t sure what it is?

Have you been longing to reconnect to your creativity through art, writing, music or movement?

Are you feeling called to find more purpose and meaning in your life but you don’t know where to start?


this is the support you have been looking for

Embrace Your Creative Genius

If you are reading this, you have most likely been longing for more creativity in your life. You might find yourself looking at online classes or dabbling in new art or craft projects. Maybe you are writing more or taking photos. There is a lingering, unspoken desire for more creative expression that you want to explore but don’t know where to start.

Exploring your creative curiosity is the first step to reclaiming your creative genius.

Perhaps you want to write a book, sell your art or launch a creative business. Finding your creative voice is essential to your success.

Here are a few ways I can support you in discovering what’s stopping you from embracing your creative genius.

Creativity coaching

Together we will explore your creative beliefs, stories, and what’s holding you back¬†from expressing your creative genius in the world.

vip personal Creativity retreat

Spend two days in person with Minette in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA. Define a new vibrant vision of what you want.

Art journaling club

A perfect place to dip in and begin to explore our creative expression through a process of art, journaling, collage and other mixed media.

women, wealth & art retreats

More details on this coming soon. .

Our expertise

Ready to Reclaim Your Creative Voice?

A note from Minette riordan, ph.d.

How hard can it be?

I have always been a risk-taker, adventurer and curiosity seeker who was comfortable jumping feet first into new business endeavors. My mantra was, “how hard can it be?” The answer: way harder than I anticipated but also more fun, more challenging and more funfilling than I knew was possible.

In the past 17 years I have built two successful businesses and am currently launching a third selling my own art (which is way scarier than starting a publishing company or a consulting business.) I am sure it will be harder than I think. But I am up for the challenge. Read on to discover why.

What’s Next? You Decide.