Midlife Magic: 7 Humorous Tips for Building Strong Relationships

midlife woman, midlife magic, midlife renaissance

Hey there, fabulous ladies in the midlife club! Who says your journey of building strong relationships has to be all serious and solemn? I’m here to sprinkle some laughter and joy into this adventure. So, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, sit back, and let’s dive into 7 humorous tips for nurturing connections in…

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5 Creative Ways to Calm Your Busy Mind

calm your busy mind

Ever feel like your thoughts are all competing in a relay race but you never actually manage to hand off the baton from one to the next? Instead you keep dropping the baton and going back to pick up another? This busyness can be caused be an excess of creative ideas, an overly long to-do…

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5 Benefits of a Consistent Creative practice for navigating midlife

benefits of a consistent creative practice

Something interesting and predictable tends to happen to women in midlife. You find yourself yearning to reconnect to your creativity. In fact, this longing is so common that it is essential to one of the stages of the Heroine’s Journey as described by Maureen Murdock in her popular book The Heroine’s Journey: A Woman’s Quest…

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Rediscovering Passion: How to Reignite Your Dreams in Midlife

reignite your passion midlife reinvention

Ah, midlife! The time when we women find ourselves at the intersection of wisdom and fine lines. It’s a phase that comes with its fair share of challenges, from juggling career and family to contemplating the mysteries of gravity and wrinkle creams. But fear not, my creative friends! In the midst of this delightful chaos,…

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3 Essential Qualities of a Midlife Renaissance

midlife renaissance

This is part 3 of a 3-part series on the 9 essential qualities of a midlife renaissance. You can find part one here and part two here. The final 3 qualities are vitality, spiritual life and visions and goals. When you combine all 9 of these qualities and take time to review your level of…

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Part 2: 9 Essential Qualities of a Midlife Renaissance

midlife renaissance essential qualities

In part one of this 3 part series, I shared the first 3 qualities that are essential to a midlife renaissance: creativity, adventure and connection. Today is July 4 here in the United States, a day to celebrate freedom and independence. I think these are two qualities we are seeking to recover in our midlives…

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9 Essential Qualities for a Midlife Renaissance

9 essential qualities of a midlife crisis

I’ve been thinking a lot about midlife recently and wondering what would most help others to go from midlife crisis to midlife renaissance. I have come up with 9 essential qualities for a midlife renaissance and will share them over the next few days so there’s not one overly long wordy post. I’m wordy enough…

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