deep necessity

Deep Necessity: The Secret of Success for Artists and Creatives?

I’ve been cleaning out my studio and office this week in preparation for a few girlfriends who are coming for art camp next week. And in one of the piles of paper I came across an article written by Brendon Burchard for Success magazine on the topic of Deep Necessity. Brendon Burchard is a high…

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make time for art

Make Time For Your Art

Do you wonder how to make time for your art? How much time are you willing to invest? What else are you willing to let go of to make space for your art? I found this mandala I drew in 2011 – 10 years ago. That’s how long I’ve been on my creative journey to…

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Painting to Heal

Painting to Heal

There are many, many paths to healing the wounds, doubts and stories we hold in our hearts and bodies around creativity. The one that has transformed my own life most dramatically is painting. I love painting to heal stories and create wholeness out of the fragmented sense of self I often feel. On the canvas…

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free magazines for making collage

Free Magazines for Making Collage

As a SoulCollage® and JourneyCircles™ facilitator, I often get asked where people can find free magazines or images to use in their collage work. Finding free magazines for making collage is easier than you think as often people would rather gift them than put them in the trash or recycling. Here are a few of…

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creative lifestyle principles

7 Essential Creative Lifestyle Principles: Play

When my friend Andrea from A Work of Heart Studio and I get together to brainstorm, magic happens! Earlier this year we launched a new program called The Creative Stretch with the intention of supporting artists and creatives to commit to their practice and shift their habits to make art-making a priority. We knew we…

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your burning questions

Your Burning Questions: Who am I?

What are your burning questions? I often have questions rolling around in my head like, who am I or what’s my purpose? Most days I have a pretty good sense of who I am and that my purpose is to help others see their own brilliance and beauty. Sometimes I find it hard to put…

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100 days of collage

Creating in a Series: 100 days of collage

Have you ever committed to doing a hundred day project? It’s daunting. I have half committed a few times and then found myself getting bored or distracted by some bright new shiny idea. And here I am again, committing to 100 days of collage. I’m noticing a few things about this particular journey that are…

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creative work means deep work

Creative work means deep work

Creative work means deep work for me. Using intuitive and expressive arts practices like collage, art journaling and painting leads to healing and transformation for me and my creative clients. I had an email this week from a client who asked: what can I do about this raging case of imposter syndrome? When those inner…

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Day 2 – My relationship with Prayer

For day 2 of 21 days of courageous creativity I’ve chosen the prompt prayer. My relationship with prayer started young I have an interesting relationship with prayer. Being raised Catholic, I found many aspects of the prayers, songs and rituals that were wonderful and magical. I lost sight of these aspects on my own spiritual…

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Courageous Creativity

Day 1 of Courageous Creativity – Celebrate

Have you noticed how much is happening this month, well every month but I personally am very present to what’s in front of me today. It takes courage to say no to them! This includes my own 21 Day Courageous Creativity program which I decided at the last minute to run live. What was I…

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