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Today’s customer demands to be in control of the buying process.  They require information about your product or service in written content – whether it is web content, your blog or email.  Write or die……….

That sounds a bit threatening, doesn’t it?  If you can manage the time to see all your customers and prospects in person – each time they consider your product or service, the “write or die” statement is clearly wrong.  Sorry if we spoke out of turn.  But if you need to extend your offer beyond face-to-face encounters, you need written content.



Our 10-week workshop begins February 19, 2013 and includes amazing bonuses from some of our favorite teachers and mentors (see below for details.)


Icon - Check MarkGet More Customers

Icon - Check MarkGrow Revenue

Icon - Check Markand Save Time

I know….I know…

The 3 claims made above sound like another promise that you suspect is too good to be true….but DON’T CLICK AWAY YET!!!

Allow me just a little time to tell you how and why I can make those claims.

I promise it will be worth your time. If you don’t think the course is right for you after you have read what I have to say…we part friends.

If you already know you need this training, click here to enroll and learn more about the 5 great bonuses we are offering.

In the 1st six sessions, Kate will teach you to:

Icon - Check MarkGet More CustomersMany internet gurus will tell you that it is a numbers game.  They theorize that the number of “eyeballs” on your site will content to cash writing coursemagically translate into more customers. 

Customers are not “EYEBALLS”.   What a strange thing for me to say???

I agree with you.  SEO gurus consider each person who clicks on a site to be a set of “eyeballs”.  I don’t know about you, but I find that term a bit crude and insensitive.  The algorithms that cause me to arrive on a site are pretty useless if the content does not meet my needs.

The number of people that reach your site has little to do with the effectiveness of your content.  The only valuable number is your bottom-line revenue.  And the way to revenue is to first engage the hearts and minds of your readers.

Customers are people who have identified something in what you offer that resonates with either their philosophies or their needs.

When you discover the secret recipe for engaging the readers in what you write, aka write right, you have the first ingredient in the creation of content that will add more loyal, paying customers to what you offer.


What are people saying about Kate?

Her professionalism, writing skills, communication, feedback and expertise are second to none.  I would strongly recommend Kate to anyone who wants their job completed the right way.

Greg Coffin, Golf Pro, Florida, U.S.

I’ve spent thousands on correcting other copywriters’ poor work and thus it was a relief to work with Kate. If you need writing for marketing purposes or ideas and strategies to grow your business, Kate is the perfect choice.

George Parker, Naturopath, Shepparton, Australia


Icon - Check MarkGrow Revenue – While you are taking this course, a light bulb will switch on in your head and you will clearly understand how customers respond to your messages.  You will know how to make the reader feel valued and part of your community.  They will give you feedback on how to meet their needs even more.

They will also tell their friends.

Going “Viral” is not limited to You Tube videos.  You can hone your skill in writing right, and cause customers to appreciate your product and service.  Loyal clients want to share what they have discovered.

Think about it, when you find something that you believe is exceptional, isn’t it fun to share with others?

Using the write right system – dare I say science – you will give them something to talk about.

Which leads us to the third outlandish promise…

Icon - Check MarkSave Time – With the data-gathering ability of the internet, marketers have gathered oodles of information about what works in reaching customers.  All the data has made writing right a science.content to cash class

Forget any preconceived notion of writing being a talent or a skill based on what was taught in school.  Learn the ingredients necessary to write right for your customers.  Just like a recipe, you can follow the scientific formula to develop a system – custom designed for your business and your customers.

What you will learn in this writing right course is very similar to following a new recipe and eventually making it special because of your personal touches.  In addition to the basic recipe, you will learn a few little-known copywriting techniques that big companies pay professional copywriters to craft at a rate of $hundreds$ per hour.

But you don’t need to become a professional copywriter to make a huge difference in the number of customers you serve…the amount of revenue you generate…or the time you spend developing your content.  Just a few simple changes in the way you approach content creation can take your stale, stifled content and make it charming for new customers.


Here is a brief list of things included in the writing right course:

  • How to differentiate your promise from everyone else in your industry.
  • Two easy-to-implement and quick methods that get your unique speaking voice onto the page.
  • The simple structure of writing headlines in a way that causes readers to start reading and stay to read what you share.
  • Perfectly natural ways to weave your personal life and personality into the content you write.  It will turn your authenticity into dollars.

You will learn a recipe that will propel your business to the next level.  You will quickly and easily churn out content that causes your ideal client to cling on your every word.  They will be excited about what you will share with them next…

 Arrow - RedWithout paying a high-priced copywriter to write it for you….

 Arrow - RedWithout worrying about whether you are “doing it right”….

Arrow - Red  Without any of the frustration you have experienced in the past…


Imagine how it will feel when you are able to leverage everything you know with a larger audience that is hungry for what you can share with them.  All your writing has momentum and high energy because it comes from your unique inspiration.  Whether you are writing an email, a blog post or a personal handwritten note to a family member – everything will change when you learn how to write right.

Once you have learned to write right, you need a plan for focus, structure and a way to organize your content to continuously create new information that will drive customers, grow revenue and save you time.  The best place to start is with your blog.


Yes, I am ready to write right! Sign me up.


Minette brings it all together in the final 4 sessions with:

365 Days of Frustration-Free Blog Writing


This may sound like an empty promise.  But it is not.

You may have already spent time setting up a blog – and posted only a few times.

You think that it can’t become easy because you have already spent hours staring at the monitor with your fingers hovering above the keys.

Frustrated, with no idea what to write, you secretly wondered if anyone would ever read it if you did manage to create more posts.  You thought about giving up.

A voice inside your head nags saying… “You SHOULD be writing your blog.”

TAKE HEART – It will soon become easy!!! Sign up now.

Icon - Check MarkKnow What to Write For Each Post

Icon - Check MarkFeel Inspired & Write Easily

Icon - Check MarkGet Noticed By Your Target Audience


Here are a few things you will learn:create blog content

  • How to structure your content to support your business.
  • Templates for creating content on a regular basis – month after month.
  • A support group for accountability and feedback about your content.
  • Methods to feed social media with posts that will pique the interest of readers.
  • Write creatively, have fun & achieve very successful results.
  • A proven structure for writing blog posts that is engaging.

You will also get regular emails from Dr. Riordan during each week that will include writing prompts and great ideas for generating content that people love to read.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could sit down to write on your blog and know exactly what your readers want to read?  Minette has laid out a simple plan to help you stay on top of your schedule of blog posts.  In fact, if you follow her plan, you will NEVER lack ideas. Ready to get started, enroll now!


Here’s what one of Minette’s former students had to say about this class:

Taking Minette’s blogging class was a hard decision for me.  I am a numbers person and have always been critical of my writing skills.  I knew that Minette would have a top notch blogging class and I would learn a ton so I decided to give it a try. Today I look at my blog’s stats and I am excited, surprised, but also thankful to Minette and her easy step by step process and coaching.  My blog has received 457 page views during the month of classes with a total of 607 lifetime pageviews.  WOW, what a difference in such a short time. Continuing to blog as I have learned from Minette, my stats will be through the roof in 12 months. Take Minette’s class today!

Cindy Watts, owner, Outta the Box Marketing, Texas

Stop Stressing about What to Write!

Learn the time-proven formula successful publishers have been implementing for decades.  No publisher will remain in the business if they just show up every day and figure out what to write.  A systematic strategy for attracting readers is required for them to make a profit.

The same is true with blogging.  Don’t be intimidated by the concept of an entire year’s content creation.  It really does make publishing much, much easier.  It also makes it easy to involve your readers because of the obvious intention in your content.  Blog posts will become easy to write, build an audience and provide you with consistent inspiration.

When you finish this course, and implement what you learn, your blog will be transformed into a magnet for your ideal target audience.  Customers will understand clearly what you have to offer and will tell others.  They will purchase a service, product or program that you offer because you are meeting them exactly where they are, without any manipulation or prodding from you.

Get these bottom-line benefits from the last four sessions:

  1. Specific tools, tips and tricks for creating an effective annual editorial calendar
  2. A template for creating content on a month-by-month basis
  3. A proven technique for writing great blog posts that will get lots of attention from both readers and search engines (SEO)
  4. 4 live 1.5 hour group coaching calls with Dr. Minette Riordan

Plus, get these amazing bonuses from some of our favorite teachers, absolutely FREE when you register for Content to Cash.

Content to Cash bonusKnown as “The Turnaround Queen”, Toni Harris is all about taking drastic steps outside of your comfort zone to achieve your dreams.  Download Chapter 1 of Toni Harris’ widely popular book, Sometimes You Have to Take a Drastic Step. You can also listen to an audio podcast of Toni’s advice on turning your life around.  Learn more about her and her products/services at


Content to Cash bonusRELATIONSHIP IS THE CURRENCY OF THE NEW ECONOMY – Bonnie Karpay is sharing two full hours of video training – overflowing with tips and strategies you can start using today.  You will learn about the Relationship Quotient (RQ) and why it is important…based on recent research studies.  Create awesome business relationships with the 5 C’s that make up the Relationship Quotient.


content to cash bonus

Craig Klein, founder and CEO of, is sharing his ebook: Learn how to build your own Automatic Selling Machine. This 60+ page eBook that reveal 6 Simple Steps to Quality Leads and More Sales.  Most advertising and marketing is a waste of money.  This eBook covers the radical changes in the way people buy today.  Find out exactly what you need to reach your market now.

content to cash

Jeff Klein has been telling the world what other people do for over 26 years. Following a successful career in Advertising, Marketing, and Production, Jeff has been a sought after Public Speaker since 2004. He has enjoyed speaking over 500 times and reaching tens of thousands of professionals across North America. Jeff is offering free participation in his Virtual Bootcamp: Speaking As a Business Strategy. Join Jeff for a conversation where we’ll discuss how to attract business from the front of the room by becoming the expert.

Content to Cash

On stage, online and in her community, you can find Dr. Linette Montae of helping small business entrepreneurs “monetize your expertise, optimize your actions and maximize your profit” and now Dr. Montae is going to show you how too. Give a listen to “The Ultimate Recipe for Big Business Results” where she shares the 6 ingredients you need to bake a tasty successful business AND the 6 systems you need to skyrocket your business results.

Content to Cash bonusAs President of Resonance Content Marketing, Rachel Parker helps clients attract and retain business through impactful, engaging content.  In her bonus, Top 10 Myths About Social Media for Business, she debunks some of the myths that have kept small businesses on the sidelines when they could be enjoying the benefits of a strong presence on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks.

Content to Cash bonusStop spinning your wheels and Turn Your Social Media Time into Cash with Michele Scism, founder of Decisive Minds.  You’ll learn the social media strategy she used to go from unknown to six figures in under 2 years. Why your social media efforts aren’t working as well as they should, and the simple tweaks that will help you to attract clients with ease. Three simple strategies for getting results quickly with your social media time.


Cindy Watts Outta the Box MarketingCindy Watts stepped out of her box into the social media realm in 2004 when MySpace hit the internet and her clients started asking questions like “What the heck is social media?”  and “Is this a phase?” and “What the heck is MySpace?” She is the founder of Outta the Box Marketing. Cindy provides expertise in navigating the ever-changing online landscape in an innovative and affordable way. Cindy is offering a free webinar on 6 Must-do’s to Promote Your Blog.



Are You Still Sitting on the Fence???

We fully understand how careful you must be these days.  Lots of people make lots of promises.  Way too many of them are empty and misleading.  We are different.  Minette and Kate are committed to giving you a huge amount of value for your hard-earned money.  You know that written content is essential.  Do you know of a more economical way to get published and noticed by customers?

We will cover a lot of material in 10 weeks.  For most of you, it will be tough to learn it all the first time.  We want you to excel in your written content so we are giving these bonus gifts:

  • Downloadable recordings of each session.  That way if you miss one, you can pick it up later.  Also, you can listen again to refresh what you learned.
  • Checklists, worksheets and action strategies that will keep you on track.  You will use these materials all the time.
  • A Facebook community, exclusive to the students of the Content to Cash curriculum.  There you can show off your work and ask for feedback.  It will also be a safe place to discuss your challenges and encourage your colleagues.  Expect to find life-long relationships in this group.

Every day that you put off starting to write right makes your customers more vulnerable.  Big business is probably churning out content right now with the intention of luring your current customers to them.

Your clients may end up with someone who does not know as much as you, or provide the level of service you offer.  But, chances are, once they leave you may never see them again.  Don’t let that happen.  Keep them in your tribe.

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Meet Your Instructors for Content to Cash

Kate (Kathi) Frank

Kate founded her company, Kate Writes Right, with a singular focus of helping small business and sole proprietors create digital marketing content.  kate writes rightToday, communication is complex.  Given the power of social media, customers demand that they have access to information 24/7.  The only way to enable them is through powerful written content.  She specializes in content strategy for her clients that include web content, articles, sales pages, auto-responders, white papers and other marketing material.

Kate is a co-author in the 4-part “Top Coaches Share” book series.  She published the book “PROFIT from Technology” with eight other contributors.  As a member of the national publication committee of the Women’s Council of Realtors, she was a frequent contributor to their magazine “The Communiqué”.  One of her articles was published on the web in 1997…long before the content explosion we know today.

Dr. Minette Riordan

Dr. Minette Riordan is an award-winning business owner, the publisher of both print and online media for over a decade, and a published author. Dr. Minette Riordan She is co-author of the book “From Fizzle to Sizzle: Four Crucial Tools For Relationship Repair” which is available on 

Minette is a lifelong educator who earned her Ph.D. from Stanford in 1995. After 10 years in the publishing industry, she sold her magazine and now coaches business owners on marketing and building a better vision for their business and their life. Her passion for connecting people to each other is deeply rooted in her belief that it is our connection to spirit, to self and to others that is the foundation of true happiness.  You can learn more about Minette and the programs she offers at