10 ways to empower your voice

10 Ways to Empower Your Voice in Any Conversation

I was thinking about the topic of sales for my webinar Thursday, March 13 on 3 Sure-Fire Tips to Close More Sales and reflecting on women’s challenges with speaking up, speaking out and asking for what they are worth. I see women struggling daily with the confidence to manage difficult conversations, to hold successful sales conversations or to talk to their significant other about a challenging subject like money.

We are faced with difficult conversations almost daily and learning to manage those conversations with grace and ease takes courage and confidence. Most of us are secretly afraid of one of the following issues:

  • rejection
  • not being liked
  • not being approved of
  • being judged
  • losing love
  • having nothing

I was talking to one of my coaching clients today and she is struggling with a relationship with a woman in one of her networking groups. She has tried to reach out and invite a conversation in order to work through the situation but the other person is unwilling to participate. It takes a lot of courage to ask for help and to be unwilling to put up with an uncomfortable situation. It often feels easier to avoid, ignore or walk away from a situation like this one.

After brainstorming some potential solutions (asking for someone to mediate the conversation and killing her with kindness were two of the suggestions) I acknowledged my client for her willingness to tackle this difficult situation and find resolution.

The truth is that there is only one thing we need to empower our voice in any conversation and that one thing is CONFIDENCE!

But if gaining the confidence we need to empower ourselves was that easy, we would all be successful now instead of struggling to find our voice.

Empower Your Voice with this Acronym

As a former school-teacher, I love acronyms. Here’s what the word CONFIDENCE means to me. I think anyone can emerge from fear to faith in ourselves by focusing on these 10 ways to empower your voice:

C – Courage

O – Openness

N – Niceness

F – Faith

I – Integrity

D – Decisiveness

E – Engagement

N – Know when to say NO

C – Commitment

E – Empathy

Creating confidence in ourselves is not a linear practice, in fact it looks more like the spaces in a mandala, each individual section contributing to the integrity of the whole. Some of us will feel more comfortable with different parts of this process and others may feel terrifying or make us feel too vulnerable.

I encourage you to get your journal out and create a dialogue with each of these words or even a piece of artwork that combines color with these words. I could tell you what they mean to me, but true empowerment comes from within. Trust your won inner guidance!

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