The 21-Day Courageous Creativity Program
Yes, I'm ready to feel awesome!
Making art is a courageous act of self-love.

  • Are you someone who's plate is always brimming over? Are you doing too much? Always putting others first? Lacking or completely forgetting about time for yourself?

  • Have you been saying for ages that you want to spend more time being creative but consistently fail to make the time to create?

  • Do you often feel stuck, overwhelmed or uncertain where to begin a daily creative practice and getting started is the hardest part?

Now is the moment where all that changes.

You deserve a creative self-care practice that nourishes and sustains you. That leaves you feeling inspired and empowered--especially after 2020! 

Committing time to a regular creative practice isn’t selfish or silly, it’s essential. 

You can’t give generously to others if your self-love cup is empty!

This past year has been a doozy, hasn’t it?

And then there’s the holidays which often mean more to do, more stress, more anxiety, even grief and sadness for many women. 

It’s time to fill your self-love cup with a nourishing and empowering daily creative practice that you can do in about 15 minutes a day. 

By the end of the 21 days you will have created a beautiful deck of personalized self-love oracle cards that will nourish you long after this course ends. 

What is Courageous Creativity?
This short and sweet program is the perfect holiday gift to yourself. No artistic skills are needed. Come as you are. You will be welcomed with open arms and virtual hugs.
Here's what you can expect:
  • Discover the true meaning and purpose of self-love
  • Explore the connection between courage, creativity and self-love
  • Exponentially increase your courage in your art-making
  • Find out how to make time for yourself & your creativity
  • Explore three of Minette’s favorite creative practices: Zentangle®, collage and painting or indulge in your favorite way to play
  • Make a personalized deck of 21 creative self-love cards
  • A safe creative circle to connect, share and inspire each other on Facebook (optional)
I'm ready to get creative!
Are you ready to BE the Courageous Creative?

Join Dr. Minette Riordan for this epic adventure into the heart of your well-being. Fill your love cup, celebrate your creativity and cultivate a daily creative practice that nourishes and empowers you long after our 21 days together are over.

Bonuses to support your journey!

3 of Minette’s core values are connection, collaboration and play.
In the spirit of generosity and giving in a way that fills her self-love cup, here are a few extras:

  • Join her for a live bonus creative playdate on Sunday, November 29 from 9am to 11am Pacific.Will be recorded if you can't join us live ($65 value) 
  • Creative Meditation and Mandalas: A 21 Day Practice to Boost Your Creativity. Downloadable mandala coloring book ($20.00 value)
  • 115 Creativity Quotes to inspire your practice or use in your art ($25 value)
  • 3 Video Tutorials showing 3 ways to create your own oracle deck ($135.00 value)
  • Private FB group for connection and sharing your art! (Priceless)
for 21-Day Courageous Creativity
  • Courageous Creativity guidebook with all 21 prompts

  • Creative Meditation & Mandalas downloadable coloring book

  • 115 Creativity Quotes

  • 3 Video Tutorials

  • Live creative playdate on Nov. 29

  • Private Facebook group
Courageous Creativity Plus

Includes everything in the Gold level plus...

1-Day Creative Arts Retreat on January 24 ($147 Value)

Private Creative Coaching Session with Minette ($250 Value)

Answers before you ask
What happens if I miss a day, get stuck or feel like I'm behind?
First, take a deep breath. This journey is intended to fill you up and nourish you, not add to your stress. Second, I will be sharing specific tips on how to make time for your daily creative practice so you show up for yourself every single day. Finally, I know that life happens, we get called away and I want to reassure you that you have lifetime access to the content and to the Courageous Creativity community on Facebook. Your self-love journey should last a lifetime and so will this program. 
How long do I have access to the content?
For a lifetime! Whether you are at the beginning of your self-love journey or you already have a beautiful, loving and compassionate relationship with yourself, this is the adventure of a lifetime. Courageous Creativity and your personalized self-love practices will stay with you long after you complete this creative project. 
Will I need to purchase special supplies?
Well, that's a loaded question :-) No, you absolutely do not need to purchase anything. I will definitely include a list of recommended supplies for all participants. I encourage, no I challenge you, to use what you have at hand. I will be showing examples that include Zentangle®, collage and mixed media with acrylic paints but you can create your deck with any tools you have at hand.
I'm not artistic, is this still for me?
Absolutely! If you can write your ABCs you can do this. And I know deep in the core of my bones that you are creative. During this 21-day process you will find playful and simple ways to reconnect with your Inner Artist, even if thinking about drawing makes you cringe. 
What if I want to upgrade to the Platinum offer later?
No problem at all! Simply email me and I will help you take care of it. You have until the end of our 21 days together to take advantage of this special upgrade offer. 
Who is Minette?

Dr. Minette Riordan is a modern day Renaissance woman: transformational artist, writer, award-winning entrepreneur and advocate for creativity as essential to the well-being of all people and our planet. 

A popular speaker, Minette has appeared on television, radio and podcasts around the globe. She has built three successful businesses, worked with thousands of business owners and published 3 books including her best seller The Artful Marketer

Life took her by surprise in 2017 when people started asking her to buy her paintings. “I’m not an artist,” she said. This was a turning point in her life and her career. Since then she has been selling art and teaching others to courageously own their artistry through her coaching, online programs and live events. 

Minette is a Certified Zentangle® teacher, SoulCollage® facilitator and Certified Creative Depth Coach. She loves integrating all these creative practices into her coaching and personal life.

Minette works with professional women who are struggling to tap into their creativity to finally own their artistry and unleash their creative brilliance creating more fulfillment, well-being and success in their life and work.