3 Tips for Getting New Clients Fast

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3 Tips for Getting New Clients Fast

I am at Kendall Summerhawk’s event Leap Live in Dallas, Texas. I am surrounded by successful women who are all making “fabulous” money in their business. Making fabulous money is just one of the many Kendallisms that I have come to love and appreciate over the past few months of participating in her Stars coaching program. Another one that really stood out for me in today’s training was: fear and doubt are not truth.

I even won an award last night for having my best month ever in my business – thanks to the training and coaching I have received. I thought I would share with you today three of the things I have done to reach a new level of financial success in my business.

3 tips to get new clients fast

But first let me say, I knew these tips before I joined Kendall’s program. I even teach these tips to my own clients. I just wasn’t implementing them myself because I was still holding onto some past fears of what might happen if I stepped out from behind my safe place. Where coaching has made an impact on my life is helping me to push through fear and do it anyway. I find it so easy to coach others through fear, in fact I excel at helping them overcome blocks, set goals and reach new milestones in their life and business. I just can’t do it for myself. Most of us can’t. Investing in my own success by joining a year long coaching program was a huge leap of faith, I didn’t know how I would pay for this program but I knew it was what I needed.

I have learned this year how to ask for help. I am a fiercely independent and determined woman – to the point of irrational stubborness at times. Yet I am loving, giving and nurturing to my clients. I had to take a hard look at why I wasn’t open to asking for and accepting help into my own life. Once I did ask for help, my business has sky-rocketed and I am on track to have my biggest year ever in my career.

Here are 3 tips for getting new clients fast, if you are willing to do the work that scares you:

1. Ask past clients to work with you again. What do you have to offer them that is new, fresh and that they need now? I encourage you send a personal email and to pick up the phone and call them!

2. Ask existing clients for referrals. Ask them if they know one person they can refer to you right now who needs what you have to offer.

3. Send an email out to friends, colleagues, past clients and your mailing list (if you have one a list and if you don’t have one, we need to talk!) Invite them into a free discovery or strategy session to share with them what you have going on and how you can help them.

Each of these strategies involves one simple step that can feel really huge, scary and down-right terrifying: ASKING FOR WHAT YOU WANT!
If are struggling to ask for what you want, I can help! I know the fear that can stop us from taking the right actions to make more money in our business, I have been there. I would love to help you release that fear and start earning what you deserve. Don’t waste another minute, apply right now for a complimentary 30-minute “Discover Your Magic Money Formula” breakthrough session. If you are reading this right now, now is YOUR time. I only offer a limited number of these sessions every week, so apply right now.

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