5 Steps to Create a Simple and Effective Marketing Plan

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5 Steps to Create a Simple and Effective Marketing Plan

Do you have a consistent and actionable marketing plan in place for your business? If you do, awesome! Leave us some of your sage advice in the comments below about what’s working for you and how you stay accountable to yourself and your plan. But if your marketing plan isn’t working – keep reading!

Without a marketing plan in place, do you find yourself frequently feeling overwhelmed, disorganized and not knowing what the next step is you need to take? Perhaps your overall marketing strategy isn’t focused or doesn’t even exist. Are you reading this saying, “What the heck is a marketing strategy?”

First, let me take a minute to remind you why your marketing strategy and plan are the most important aspect of your business. Without marketing of some kind, you will not generate leads, you will not make sales and you will not make money. It’s that simple.

I have heard so many women say, “Oh, I rely only on word of mouth…” That’s great if you have been in business for years and everyone knows who you are or if you are not looking to grow your business, then word of mouth can be useful. And yes, we all love referrals but the hard truth is, when you are not reaching your income goals, it’s because you are not marketing your business consistently or effectively.

In fact, if you look at your income gaps over the past year and then back up 30 or 60 days from those lulls in income, I can guarantee that you will see you stopped or slowed down your marketing tactics. Maybe you stopped networking or cancelled an ad campaign because you got busy with work. It’s painful to realize that our inconsistencies are causing our lack of money coming in but it’s time to face the truth and get a plan in place so that you don’t have dips in your income.

Usually in addition to the lack of a plan, a few other key marketing elements are missing from your marketing stratgey like knowing your niche or being able to clearly identify your ideal client or worse yet, refusing to pick a niche!

Interestingly, a big part of our marketing challenges stem from our mindset. How you feel about marketing and about sales has a bigger impact on your bottom line than any specific marketing tactic you can employ. Perhaps marketing feels hard, you don’t know how to do some of the things or you have so many marketing tactics that you have heard about, you find it impossible to choose which ones to start with. Perhaps you keep trying the same techniques but they aren’t working for you anymore.

Would you love to have a simple and easy to follow marketing plan in place?

It is simpler than you think! Think of marketing tactics like the different slices of a pie, like in this colorful image. marketing plan

The challenge most business owners have is not knowing which piece of the pie to focus on. Here are 5 tips for creating a marketing plan that works!

1. Know who your ideal client is and where they are hanging out both online and off.

If you work with 20-somethings, they are on YouTube online and perhaps at concerts or sporting events like your local 5k.

Many seniors aren’t on the internet at all.

Moms are on Facebook and hanging out at the park.

Business owners are on LinkedIn and attending networking events and conferences.

This first step is crucial to understanding what pieces of the plan to focus your time on!

2. Diversify the pieces of your marketing plan.

Have you been putting all of your efforts into free marketing online? Stop now, get out from behind the computer and go meet some people! I am serious. You cannot rely on social media to build your business.

3. Choose no more than 3 to 5 marketing activities per week to focus on.

This is related to number 2 but will also help you stay out of overwhelm. Once you know where your clients are, decide what the 3 to 5 best methods of connecting with them are and go do it!

4. Create an action list for each week of the month that specifically relates to your marketing plan.

Click here to download the free template for a marketing action sheet to use each week, as pictured at the top of this post.

Here are some activities that might go on your list:

  • Attend networking event(s)
  • Order new business cards
  • Write a blog post
  • Pre-write/schedule your social media posts for Twitter
  • Place an ad in a local magazine
  • Spend time networking on LinkedIn in your groups

5. Finally, and most importantly, schedule your marketing activities into your calendar. Block out time to get these money-making activities taken care of early in the day!

I have been teaching marketing to other coaches and people in the service and retail industry since 2008. I have seen a lot of changes in the field of marketing since I started my first business in 2002 – especially in the rapid rise and use of the internet as a quintessential marketing tool. When I started, no one was using social media in the same way they are using it today. For over a decade I sold first print advertising and then digital advertising as the owner and founder of a multi-media publishing company. I know what works and what doesn’t.

One of my passions is helping entrepreneurs to clarify their marketing strategy, create a vibrant new plan and help you to implement that plan. I also love working on your money mindset and making sure you breakthrough any limiting beliefs you may have about making money. If you need help creating clarity, deciding what marketing tactics belong in your marketing plan and help implementing those tactics, let’s talk. Apply here for a free 30-minute Discover Your Magic Money Formula marketing breakthrough session with me. I guarantee you will leave this session knowing exactly which actions to take next.







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  1. Stacey W. Brooks on April 23, 2014 at 6:04 pm

    Great post. Many people underestimate how important it is to have a solid marketing plan in place. Visiting you from the UBC. Happy blogging.

  2. Minette on July 3, 2014 at 5:06 pm

    Yes, Stacey, I agree, it’s so important to have a plan in place but it can also be very intimidating when you don’t know where to start.

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