5 Tools to Support Yourself through Difficult Transitions

difficult transitions

difficult transitions

5 Ways to Support Yourself through Difficult Transitions

I had the opportunity and good fortune this week to interview my dear friend Brecia Kralovic-Logan. Brecia is an amazing artist, creativity coach and author of the book The Spiral of Creativity. The topic of the interview was how to support yourself through difficult transitions. Brecia shared 5 specific tools we can use to do that, as well as some great examples of how she has used these tools herself and with her coaching clients.

You can listen to the recording of the interview here or read my quick summary below.

These 5 tools are so simple to implement and truly can help you to get back on your feet when you find yourself being challenged by life.

Of course, I personally loved that the tools she recommends all involve creativity and nurturing ourselves!

5 Tools for Managing Difficult Transitions

The first tool is to trust the process of incubation and integration.

When we are in transition, we have to be gentle with ourselves and allow the internal process of incubation and integration of ideas to unfold naturally. We may choose to sleep late, eat large bowls of ice cream or watch lots of movies in our jammies on the couch during this time. While this may seem self-indulgent or like you are hiding from reality, the truth is that incubation is often an internal process that you don’t see or feel. It’s so important during this time to allow yourself to do what feels most nurturing. New seeds are being planted that will allow you to move to the next phase of your life.

The second tool is journaling to bring awareness to our self-talk.

It’s easy to get hung up in negative thinking, berating ourselves, blaming others or feeling like nothing is working. Journaling can help us become more conscious of the negative self-talk that is running through our heads, so that we can shift that negative self-talk to more positive thoughts.

The third tool is turning ANTs into PETs.

Brecia shared a wonderful resource for taking those automatic negative thoughts (ANTS) that are showing up in our journaling and reframing them in the positive (PETS). Listen to her fabulous description in the interview to learn more about the power of reframing your thoughts to create change. Our negative thinking around difficult transitions can stop us from seeing or believing that anything positive can happen.

The fourth tool is affirmations.

Affirmations can be a powerful tools for creating a more positive mindset when used with intention! You can use your reframing of your negative thoughts as the basis for your affirmations.

Brecia shared a wonderful example of an experience she had at a conference recently. She flew to Providence, RI to teach a class on dying silk and she arrived but her luggage with all of her supplies for the class did not. Talk about creating a moment of panic! Brecia used the affirmation, “I am at peace” to help her restore physical and emotional calm so that she could find a solution for this challenge. She stood in her hotel room and said aloud, “I am at peace,” then she took a step forward towards her solution, stopped and repeated, “I am at peace.” She did this several times, taking a step forward into peace each time, until she felt calmer and could begin to solve her problem.

I loved how she physically walked and talked herself into a state of peace. Do you see how each of these tools is connected and allows you to integrate your feelings at the emotional, spiritual and physical levels? You need to take care of yourself at each of these levels, especially during times of difficult transition!

Finally, the fifth tool is expressing gratitude.

Brecia encouraged us to make a list of 100 things we are grateful for. Making this long list allows us to get past the obvious things we are grateful for and really stretch into our creative imagination and the energy of gratitude. I encourage you to give this one a try!

Make sure to listen to our interview here and get the stories, details and insights directly from Brecia. You can also learn more about her fabulous new book The Spiral of Creativity on Amazon.com.


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