Who is Minette Riordan, Ph.D.?

headshot minette riordanTeacher, writer, artist, coach, rebel, leader, deep thinker and asker of curious questions. Also, loving wife, mom, daughter, sister and bff. Believer in freedom, fairness and belonging. I am a Renaissance Woman!

Hi, I’m Minette. I’ve played many different roles and been on many creative and professional adventures in my lifetime that have led me to right here, right now in this moment with you.

If you are anything like me, you have a deep desire to know yourself and a commitment to change the world around you for the better. Two of the most rewarding and challenging quests a woman can take are the one that takes you deep within yourself and the one that calls you to live fully into your highest and best potential in the world.

journeycircles facilitator minette riordanIt is the intertwining of these two quests – the inner and the outer – that keeps me engaged and moving forward. One of my highest values is continuous improvement. I am always learning and growing and supporting other women to do that as well.

I am a serial entrepreneur with two businesses under my belt so far! I have enjoyed successes and won awards but mostly I’ve made a lot of mistakes, some small ones and some really big ones that had me on the brink of bankruptcy and in the pit of despair. I am an academic with a Ph.D. from Stanford who knew nothing about business, marketing, sales or managing money when I started my journey in 2002 with two young children and a big dream. But I kept going, I kept asking curious questions, I learned what I didn’t know and got help where I needed it.

Almost 9 years ago, my husband and I made a dramatic change to our lives – we uprooted ourselves and our two kids after 13 years in the Dallas, TX area and relocated to sunny Santa Barbara, CA. I sold my business and started over – new friends, new contacts, and a vague idea of what I wanted to do next.

It was a challenge to start over. My identity as the owner of Scissortail Publishing was crystal clear for over a decade, I knew who I was and what I needed to do every single day to grow my business. I had a staff to support me and great mentors and advisors. Suddenly, I didn’t have the words to describe what it is that I do or how I want to serve others. I didn’t have a team to bounce ideas off of and I realized I wasn’t even sure where to start building a completely different type of business. I went from being the owner of a 6-figure multi-media publishing company to being a coach, but what kind of coach? Who did I want to coach? I was so vague that I wasn’t attracting any clients..

One day my husband said to me, “I don’t know what to tell people you do…” Yikes, it was time for some clarity and certainty. What I learned in my own journey is that clarity is the foundation stone for business success. Without clarity that is tied to core values and a vision of what we want most, we tend to flop around like fish out of water.

Moving our family from Texas to California was hard. I can still remember my kids crying on that last day of school as we prepared to leave the only home they had ever known. I remember standing in my empty house and thinking, it’s not our home anymore… but all the challenges, tears and changes were worth it.  Now I am only a year away from being an empty nester and everything is shifting again and at times the vision feels murky.

At times I fall out of love with what I am doing and know it’s time for a course correction, a shift, a revisioning of purpose and direction. It happens to all of us.

My latest shift has taken a decade of slowly stepping into and claiming the role of artist. I am a painter. I paint for joy and love and personal healing and transformation. Owning my artistry has been hard, it’s required me to dig deep into my stories and beliefs about myself as creative. I see this over and over with women I work with. Like a sad song, “I’m not creative, I can’t draw, I can’t dance, I can’t sing, I can’t make a living doing …. ”

I’ve never doubted that I could make money doing anything I am passionate about and I’ve proven that to be true so far. I love sales and marketing, I love showing up in service to other women on the journey to owning their brilliance. And I get royally pissed off by a world that tells artists they can’t make a living.

Whatever your genius is takes artistry, skill and passion. Yes, you can make a living by following your passion. As long as you are willing to do the inner work and the outer work required to be a business owner and leader.

And it’s okay to have your passion be outside your paid work, to love having a hobby that feeds and nourishes you. You don’t have to turn your hobby into a business.

You do have to be clear!

And this is where I come in. I’ve built two successful businesses, coached hundreds of women, led hundreds of workshops, written three books and over 500 blogs on business, personal development and creativity. I’ve learned a thing or two – the hard way.

Plus I am passionate about making sure our work together feels like play. I incorporate creative, visual processes into everything that I do.

Lean on my knowledge and gift for asking powerful questions and together we will discover the perfect path for you.


Prior to starting her company, Minette was an educator who earned her Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1995. She has a BA from Texas A&M University and an MA from the University of Texas at Austin. She has taught at the university and high school levels, as well as adult education and personal development workshops.

She holds multiple coaching certifications including Creative Depth Coach through JourneyPath Institute. She is definitely an education junkie who is always learning something new and striving to improve her coaching and leadership skills!

Other coaching and certifications she has acquired on her path:

  • SoulCollage® facilitator
  • Certified Zentangle Teacher
  • JourneyCircles® facilitator
  • Sacred Money Archetypes coach
  • Money Breakthrough Method coach
  • Artbundance coach
  • Creatively Fit Coach
  • Life Optimization Coach
  • Certified Parent Coach through Academy for Parent Coaching Intl.


Dr. Riordan was named the 2009 Small Business Owner of the Year by the Plano Chamber of Commerce and received the 2007 Altrusa Outstanding Women of Today award. In 2011, the Texas Home Child Care Association honored her with the Libby Linebarger award for her commitment to education.


Dr. Minette Riordan has been featured in numerous television, radio and podcast interviews over the years.

She has also hosted her own podcasts and live talk radio shows including the popular Structure & Flow podcast she hosted with her husband Brad Dobson.

Minette’s Passions, Hobbies and Interests

Minette’s interest in spirituality and personal development were jump started by a service trip to Peru when she was 15 and found herself sitting at the base of the majestic Macchu Picchu. Little did she know where that journey would take her! Minette’s passions include spiritual growth, art, creative writing, poetry, gourmet cooking, collecting unusual earrings and walking on the beach near her home in Santa Barbara, CA.

Her passion and joy come from helping others find the information, tools and inspiration they need to succeed. She is living proof that you can have it all: a successful business, healthy marriage and happy kids! She would never say her journey to this point was easy and she learned a great deal about herself along the way but she is lovin’ her life!

Minette believes that through commitment and communication, we create powerful connections to self and others. Minette’s passion for connecting people to self and each other is deeply rooted in her belief that it is our connection to spirit, to self and to others that is the foundation of true happiness. Over the years, Minette has found many unique ways of helping people to create both inner connection to their higher self and powerful connections to others around them. She is passionate about helping people remember how to be creative. Through her work as an educator, coach, writer and speaker, she has educated thousands of people, helping them to clarify their vision and bring that vision into fruition in ways that are meaningful, joyful and profitable.

Minette is also a wife, mom and lover of all things crafty and creative. She has spent the last several years getting in touch with her inner artist and falling in love with making art. Remembering how to be creative has helped Minette implement dramatic and wonderful changes in her life, especially being able to release her inner critic. Creativity is infused into every aspect of her daily routine from making a happy face breakfast for her daughter, to admiring the gorgeous area in which she lives, to writing an artful blog post or teaching workshops.