The Artful Marketer

The_Artful_Marketer_3D_500pxAre you a creative entrepreneur who wishes that marketing was easy? Are you tired of trying to figure it out? Have you been stuck at the same income for years and are ready for a breakthrough? Inside The Artful Marketer you will discover the 5 mistakes that most creative entrepreneurs make that destroy their chances of breaking through to 6 figures and how to avoid those mistakes. Did you know that of the 10 million women-owned businesses in the United States, only 6% ever reach the 6-figure mark? In fact, over 50% of those businesses never exceed $25,000 dollars a year in revenue. You don’t have to remain in that 94% of business owners who never reach 6-figures. Would you like to learn how to reach and exceed the 6-figure mark in your creative business?

In The Artful Marketer, Dr. Minette Riordan shows how creative entrepreneurs can turn these statistics upside down and easily break through to 6-figures or more. Learn the 3 simple strategies they must have in place to be successful in their business. Inside this book, you will find specific ideas for using mindfulness, art and journaling to build your business along with practical checklists and templates that make growing your business creative, fun and effective! Learn how to create a one-page visual business plan and a colorful, intuitive marketing plan that are easy to implement, fun to create and specifically designed to grow your creative business.