work life balance

Bust the Balance handouts and details.

The password for all calls is balance2013

Replay details for call #1

Homework to be completed before next call at 11:30am PST

1. Answer the following questions in writing:

•How is your core temperament(s) a match for the business you are in?
•Where do you need to stretch and grow?
•How will this information be helpful in your personal relationships?
•What temperament would be a good match for your professional team?


2. Create an “I am” drawing


Call in details for call #2

Homework for call #2

1. Your Authentic Self – Guided Visualization and Journaling Activity.

First listen to the guided visualization below and then fill out the journaling questions in the handout below.

Click here to download journaling handout.
2. Your Big Why
Once you have completed the Authenticity visualization and journaling, download the Big Why and Resistance questions here. Take the time to answer the questions in writing for both activities.

Call in details for call #3

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