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Branding Tip: Let Your Light Shine!

As part of an online art journaling group I belong to, we were asked to think about what makes us “shine.” So often, as little girls and young women, we are told it’s not okay to shine or to stand out. When it comes to creating a personal or professional brand, it’s important to let your light shine. We know this, but it’s not always as easy as it seems. Today’s branding tip will share some ideas for how to get started. This branding tip is about winning the inner game and acknowledging and celebrating all of who you are!

We can spend years and sometimes decades overcoming the belief that if we stand out, if we shine our brilliant light then something bad will happen: we will be judged, disliked or perceived as not enough. Sound familiar?

When I first started my publishing company in Plano, TX 15 years ago, I tried to fit in and become what I thought was a “professional business woman.” I quickly learned that this was not the quickest way to success. I didn’t feel natural or authentic. I felt stifled and boxed in. I had to learn the hard way that not only was it okay to let my light shine, but that light had to be authentic. For me that meant wearing colorful clothes and crazy earrings – not business suits and high heels. It meant letting others know that I am creative, love poetry and have a Ph.D. in Latin American Literature. When I started my business, I didn’t even use my Ph.D. on my business cards until someone pointed out that I needed to claim that part of my life. Even though my work at the time had little to do with Latin American poetry, it was still a major accomplishment to get a Ph.D. from Stanford University. Part of me still struggled with growing up being the “smart one” and never the pretty, sexy or athletic one.

To be successful business owners, we have to let our light shine brightly! Only by celebrating and standing in the value of our authentic and multi-hued light will we attract the people we are most called to serve. Once I claimed all the different parts of who I was and saw my own value, my business began to grow rapidly. I turned a small quarterly newspaper into a monthly magazine with a circulation of 50,000 copies. I made an impact because I was willing to let my “smart” light shine along with my mommy light, wife light, artist light, business owner light, poetry loving light… you get the picture!

branding tip

Let Your Light Shine Artsignment™

I want to share a fun Artsignment™ with you that will help you to let your inner light shine. Grab some blank paper and colored pencils or crayons. Or you could print out a light bulb coloring page here.

Consider this week’s creative activity as a way of easing into your brand or looking at it from a different perspective. I looked at thisArtsignment™ from the perspective of my core values and what I want to create more of in my life this year. You might not see these words in my branding, but my goal is to communicate the feeling that I want to capture.

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