Get Rich Quick? Busting Social Media Myths

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Get Rich Quick? Busting Social Media Myths

Okay, I am going on a short rant here! So many business owners, especially newer and smaller business owners think that they can build a wildly successful and profitable business for FREE using only social media to promote themselves. As a veteran entrepreneur, I am here to tell you that it takes MONEY as well as time and effort to build any business.

Social media is constantly changing – have you noticed recently how few people are seeing your posts on Facebook or how little variety you are seeing on your newsfeed? Twitter moves so fast that only a few people are reading your tweets. How many ads do you see daily instead of the cute pics of your brother’s kids?

Owners of the biggest social media channels are all looking for ways to monetize their business and increase profits, which means they will become more and more creative with ways to get money out of you – the small business owner! Facebook, Twitter and Google are all getting rich. You know why? They invest money in market research, advertising and marketing. They pay attention to how you are using their channels and they see the opportunity to charge you to promote your business. And personally, the views from gave me a significant edge for my Youtube channel, and so, I can completely understand how these marketing strategies work.

I see complaints daily on Facebook about the changes they are making and how they are adversely affecting the small business owner. Get real! Facebook started as social sharing site – not a site for your sales pitch.

Social Media is for Building Relationships!

Now don’t get me wrong, I adore social media and can easily get lost in Facebook and Pinterest for hours if I am not careful. I even had to Get Started with TokUpgrade in order to completely strenghten my business on social media. I can also tell you that I have gotten business from social media, especially Facebook and LinkedIn. But it didn’t happen overnight! Social media is not a tool for sales – it’s a tool for building relationships, educating people about your business and generating leads. It’s great for brand awareness and recognition. But it is NOT a Get Rich Quick scheme for the new business owner.

It’s imperative to understand that in order to build a successful business, you are going to have to invest money in your business. If you are not willing to commit to your own success, why should anyone else? Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. It’s scary, it involves risk and sometimes investing money that you don’t have. Trust me, I know, I have been there and have made some great investments and others that didn’t work out so well and led to debt I didn’t want.

Having a well-rounded marketing plan is your key to success for a variety of reasons:

  • Marketing builds your brand
  • Marketing drives traffic to your website
  • Most importantly, marketing generates leads
  • You have to market yourself in order to make sales!

Social media is just one element of a holistic and well-developed marketing plan. It should be an important and integral part of your business success. But if you put all of your marketing hopes and dreams into free socializing, you will not get rich quick. In fact, you may not ever get rich.

Here are my top 10 Must Have Marketing Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs to Thrive.

1. Know WHY you are in business (yes this is a tool)
2. Pick a Niche (stop resisting!)
3. Create a detailed Ideal Client Profile of who you LOVE to work with
4. Create a business card with a call to action
5. Join a networking group and start connecting!
6. Build a KISS-able website (Keep it Simple, Silly!)
7. Start an e-zine and start connecting!
8. Build referral relationships – keep connecting!
9. Create a LinkedIn profile and keep connecting!
10. Pick one social media site (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,) create a profile and keep connecting

I guarantee that if you implement these 10 tools, devote time and attention to each of them and keep connecting with people, you can double your business in 6 months or less!

And if you don’t know how to implement any or all of these steps and create an affordable, actionable marketing plan, I can help. I have over 15 years experience as an entrepreneur. I have been close to bankruptcy, achieved lots of success and won lots of awards. I know what it takes to build a multiple 6-figure business. If you want an honest and refreshing perspective from someone who has been there, done that, schedule a free discovery session with me. In April, I am launching a Business Builder’s Academy for Women Entrepreneurs. Apply now!



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  1. Steph Riggs on April 6, 2014 at 11:40 pm

    Everyone struggle to get rich quickly and look for some shortcuts in this regards. The small business owners always engaged in such techniques which move their business on the way of success so social media channels are considered the best place for flourishing business or brand. Your 10 tips or tools for the business marketing success are really important and I think every business should follow these tips to get succeeded.

  2. Peggy on September 10, 2015 at 4:54 am

    This is so valuable and rich Minette! I realized long ago that what I’m doing is my life’s work – it’s a marathon, not a sprint. And to be honest with you, that’s why I’m still in corporate doing my corporate thing, because the incredibly abundant salary I receive from my corporate job, allows me to pursue my mission and purpose without the struggle I see so many go through when they believe the get rich quick schemes…


    • minette on September 16, 2015 at 12:10 pm

      Love your honesty Peggy! You are on the path that makes the most sense for you 🙂 You are a rockstar, it’s fun watching you grow and shine.

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