Bye Bye Boring Business Plans!

One page business plan

One page business plan

No More Boring
Business Plans!

Are you a creative entrepreneur who struggles with planning because it feels like more work to make the plan than to just get the job done?
Many creative entrepreneurs make the massive mistake of not having an effective plan in place to grow their profitable business. Not having a plan can create overwhelm, burnout and an empty bank account.

Current statistics show that there are close to 10 million women-owned businesses, but on average, women-owned businesses don’t have a high rate of success. Did you know that of those 10 million businesses, only 6 percent will ever reach the six-figure mark? Even sadder, only 2 percent of women-owned businesses ever reach the seven-figure mark. In fact, over 50 percent of women never exceed $25,000 dollars a year in revenue. It doesn’t have to be that way.

I would like to turn these statistics upside down and see more and more women entrepreneurs break through to their first $50,000, $100,000 and yes, even 1 million in revenue in their business.

In the image above you can see one example of a one page business plan (or business mandala as we fondly call them around the office.) This plan is visually beautiful but also very practical as it includes all the key elements of a simple business plan. Here’s a sample that you can use to create your own business mandala.

Now is a great time to start focusing on 2016.

Once you have these elements, you can create your marketing action plan to make sure you are reaching your financial goals!

The Path to Profit: Design Your Roadmap to Success

If you are committed to building a profitable business in 2016 and you know you need a better plan in place, then I invite you to join me for a 3-day live workshop in Burbank, CA from Dec. 4 to 6, 2015.
During our 3-days together we will create a beautiful, colorful and visual business plan that will help you to reach your financial goals month after month!
path to profit
We will also focus on mastering your money and marketing mindset so that you are confident, excited and motivated to build your business.
You can get more details about this event at
There is a $97 refundable no show fee required to attend the event. This is just to make sure that I am prepared for you to be there and so that we don’t oversell the event. You will get your $97 back on day one of the event.
This workshop is my gift to you! I would love to help you reach your money goals in 2016.
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