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30 Ways to Boost Your Creative Confidence – Day 1: Daydream

Hooray, it’s time for another blog challenge. I love blog challenges, they spark my creativity, help me to create more content than I normally would in a month and drive new traffic to my website. I participate in two different ones: The Ultra Blog Challenge (ongoing) and The Ultimate Blog Challenge (quarterly.)

I have been participating in these challenges for a few years and have found them very rewarding and productive. I also found that if I organize my content around a weekly or monthly theme, I don’t struggle or scramble with what to write about each day. This month’s content will feature 30 ways to boost your creativity, mixed in with some tips on why creativity is such a powerful business strategy.

The first way to boost your creative confidence is to give yourself permission to daydream.

Boost Your Creative Confidence with Daydreaming

When you were in school, your teachers got mad at you for daydreaming. You’re supposed to pay attention and keep your mind on the matters at hand. But daydreaming is actually a powerful tool of the mind that’s pure creativity in action.

Kids daydream incessantly but as adults we often forget how it’s done (or how easy it is). Start by finding a quiet, relaxing place where you won’t be interrupted. Sit and relax, and then let your mind wander.

Ask yourself: Where would you like to be right now? Choose a place you’ve been or somewhere you’ve never been and try to imagine what it’s like. Try to use all five of your senses. Feel the sunshine and breeze, smell the flowers, listen to the sounds.

Who would you like to be with? It can be someone you know, someone you don’t, or someone you totally make up. Imagine what you’re doing with them and the conversation you’re having. You can even imagine that you’re someone else.

What would you like to be doing? Think of something you wish you were doing right now. It could be anything from eating a slice of pizza to exploring a castle or flying to the moon. Imagine each motion that you perform.

When you daydream, you’re not just killing time wishing you were somewhere else. Sometimes a new idea will suddenly emerge as you dream. When this happens, make sure to grab your journal and write down what you discovered. Grab some crayons or colored pencils and do a quick doodle to capture the feeling of the daydream. Spend a few minutes today daydreaming and see what you discover.

Do you love to daydream? Never even think about it? Share you comments below!


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