mixed media collage

Creativity is the Soul of Our Being

“Creativity is in the soul of our being and our highest form of living.
It is the presence within all of us that relentlessly longs for expression.”
– Suzanne Kyra

I saw this wonderful quote by Suzanne Kyra at the beginning of an awesome blog post by Pamela Thompson on her site, Creative Living Community on the value of tapping into your creativity. She has some awesome tips and I encourage you to check it out. You can read her blog post here. I was delighted to find it, I was looking for a quote to finish this mixed media collage I had been working on for a while.

If you have been following my blog for a while, you have heard me talk about how important creativity is. I think that tapping into our creative spirit is crucial for our business success. My blog may seem a little mixed up and you might wonder why their are so many disparate topics represented here. To me these diverse topics are not disconnected, they are representative of the whole of who I am: gypsy, poet, artist, marketing and relationship expert, and adoring mom who puts family before all else.

Creativity is innate within each of us and I find it incredibly sad that creativity has been equated with Art (with a capital A.) We are all brilliantly innovative in our own way and there are myriad expressions of creativity without which we would not have refrigerators, espresso makers or Picasso.

I buried my love of making art for decades, channeling my creativity into my last business as a magazine published. I would gifts for family at the holidays and make new holiday decorations for my home but I realized that I confined my creative expression to a few certain times of the year. Now I realize that for me, creativity is a spiritual calling – making art, writing and reading are all forms of personal growth, exploration and expression.

In his book, The Icarus Deception, Seth Godin talks about how we all need to see our work as art. I love this book and the shift in perception that Seth Godin is asking us to make. He reminds us that all work, done well, is art and that when we treat our work with this reverence, creativity has space to flourish. Allowing my creativity to flourish by making time for it has had a tremendous impact on my business and on clarifying the work I want to do in the world. Who says that marketing plans aren’t spiritual and creative?

Creativity is the Soul of Your Being

I ask you to consider for yourself:

  • where does creativity reside?
  • how does creativity show up in your life?
  • how does creativity impact your work?
  • where would you love to be more creative?

I am seeing in women around the world a longing to create, to make something beautiful. That may take the form of art, like the mixed media piece pictured at the top of this post, or it could be your garden, dinner table, invitations t your 3 year old’s birthday party…

, that creativity lives inside of you, perhaps lost and forgotten, buried under years of disbelief and criticism but it is there. As Suzanne Kyra says, creativity “relentlessly longs for expression.”

In her article, Pamela Thompson poses the following question: “Are there any creative pursuits you did as a child but haven’t done for years? If so, what are they?

I love this question and am wondering what your response is? Share your feedback in the comments below.