Day 12: Progress not perfection

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Day 12 of 100 days of drawing and positive-self talk: Progress not perfection

Progress not perfection, 100 day project, positive self-talk, self-care, cartoon drawing

Today I am sharing work in progress. I have an entire journal full of practice pages. In my journey as an artist I have always embraced progress not perfection as a personal mantra.

I think it’s time to apply that to my personal efforts to become fitter and healthier in 2020. I can’t expect overnight results, except for in my attitude and mindset.

I can enjoy the journey, slow down and remember that practice makes perfect. 

I’m off for a nice long beach walk right now. Walking makes me happy and healthy. 

Where in your life are you committed to progress not perfection? Or where could you apply this mantra to create more ease and grace in your daily journey to being the best you?

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