Day 31: 100 days of positive self-talk

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The past few days of cartoons and positive self-talk have kept me sane and thoughtful.

My computer crashed yesterday so I am typing this on my phone which is challenging but not impossible.

Didn’t have handouts for my online workshop this morning because of the crash and had to wing it. It wasn’t perfect or elegant but we all survived and got some work done. This drawing reminded me to trust myself, I know what I’m doing and it’s good enough.

Got a message from my bookkeeper about a last minute w9 I needed to get that I wasn’t aware of and missed her earlier reminder causing me to scramble a bit.

It’s been one of those kind of days where I feel like I’ve dropped a few balls, others got lost in the ethers and I just want to go to bed.

Instead I drew, and talked kindly to myself. And snuggled kittens and cleaned the kitchen.

This drawing and statement remind me I’m not an imposter, I am good at what I do and I am surrounded by loving clients, friends and family.

During my life that hasn’t always been true. I’ve struggled to feel like I belong. It’s important to ensure others feel welcome in my home and community. It’s easy to want to hide out when things aren’t going well. I reassure myself that I do belong.

I’m celebrating 31 days of my creative journey of daily drawing, positive self-talk and writing. Woo hoo!  Only 69 more days to go.

I can do this.

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