It’s the beginning of week 2 of my 100 days of positive self-talk. As I think about what I have committed to: 100 days of drawing cartoons and writing, I could feel completely overwhelmed. But I don’t. Instead, I can’t wait to sit down and draw every evening.

I’ve also committed to 100 days of talking kindly to and about myself. I feel pretty positive today. I had this big aha yesterday that I have managed to combine my favorite things in a way that makes them easy and I want to do them every day. I love drawing and writing and I love inspiring others. Along the way, I am inspiring myself and staying attuned and focused on being loving, kind and compassionate towards myself.

I know my journey through this 100 day challenge along with my goals for weight loss and fitness by being more compassionate and kind to myself will only be accomplished one day at a time.

In the past, I’ve definitely struggled with sticking to a plan or routine. I get bored, distracted or pulled off track and find it really hard to begin again with the same fervor as the first time. Right now I’m feeling good and I want that feeling to last.

The crazy thing is, I am super committed to my work. I set and achieve goals. I’ve completed a Ph.D. and written 3 other books. I create courses and content all the time 🙂 I am super committed and organized with my clients and brilliant at helping them with time management and productivity. Why do the personal goals and challenges feel so much more – well, challenging?

I want to be dancing like this guy, feeling good every day for 100 days and beyond!


What are your best suggestions or ideas for sticking to a goal, intention or plan?

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