Day 9 – The Queen of Self-Love

self-love, positive self-talk, self-compassion, cartoon drawing

Day 9 of 100 days of positive self-talk – Meet the Queen of Self-Love

Yesterday I was teaching my Confident Creative class and decided to have each participant name themselves the Queen of ____. We are in the part of the workshop where we are talking about creating our vibrant vision for the year from a place of clarity, core values and strong conviction in who we are. The first activity in the class invites participants to create a series of I am statements, and I am always amazed with the beautiful creative work every does.

As I was sharing the instructions for creating their Queen, I thought to myself, doh! I can do double duty and create one of my 100 days of doodles. One of my favorite mantras as a professed marketing geek is “Create once. Think multiple uses!” I also never ask my coaching clients to do anything that I wouldn’t do.

The intention of the activity was to name themselves the Queen of what they wanted to create more of in their life in the coming months. There was the Queen Bee of Creativity, the Queen of Individuality, the Queen of Laughter and a few others. What these ladies created was amazing, playful, fun and insightful.

It is my pleasure to introduce to you today, The Queen of Self-Love!

self-love, positive self-talk, self-compassion, cartoon drawing

She lives in a posh, colorful castle that has a huge art studio where she spends most of her time painting self-portraits.

She is surrounded by a loving, caring community that she loves back.

Her favorite way to start her day is with Metta meditation – extending loving-kindness to herself and the world.

If you were to name yourself Queen or King of ________ for the coming year, what would you be the ruler of?

If you are a creative like me who would love some sisterhood, creative play and safe space to share your creative work, come play with us in The Sisterhood of Unstoppable Artists & Creatives.

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  1. Carrie A Tripp on January 9, 2020 at 7:10 pm

    I am the Queen of Get it Done! 😉

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