a perfect day

How do you Define A Perfect Day?

Today was pretty close to perfect! I am in Estes Park, Colorado with my family for a few weeks and today was one of those memorable days that we will all remember. I have been coming to Estes Park most summers since I was in the 6th grade and it feels like a second home.

One of our favorite activities has always been having cookouts in Rocky Mountain National Park. We decided to have brunch today at Sprague Lake, beside a roaring creek. I remember panning for gold in creeks like this when I was a kid with my little brother.

IMG_4727 colorado

Today, my brother and I both watched our own kids enjoying playing Pooh sticks and throwing rocks into the river. My mom outdid herself as always. We had fried potatoes, scrambled eggs full of sausage and onions, all wrapped up in a warm tortilla with a touch of spicy salsa. And of course, there was fresh watermelon to go with it.

estes park colorado

After breakfast, we took a walk around Sprague Lake which provides amazing views of what my 4-year old nephew calls the BIG mountains.

IMG_4745IMG_4748  IMG_4747 perfect day

In the afternoon, my daughter and I took a card-making class at our favorite local store, Rocky Mountain Memories. We came home to barbecue chicken and grilled asparagus, fresh greens from my mom’s garden and the most amazing multi-color carrots I have seen. And for dessert, the kids indulged in chocolate chip cookies homemade by my daughter and nephew yesterday, topped with vanilla ice cream.

Between the cookout, the walk, the craft time and the 8 of around Grandma’s dining room table for dinner, it was close to a perfect day!

How would you describe a perfect day?