Discovery: Stage 3 of Building Your Creative Business

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In a year like 2020, you may be feeling like your January plans are so far in your rearview mirror you’ve completely lost sight of them.

You might be finding it challenging to think about business, marketing and promoting yourself at all right now. 

Between the pandemic, protests and politics, you might be finding it challenging to focus. Your creativity might feel blocked, stifled or not as important. 

Wherever you are is wherever you are. The biggest gift you can give yourself is to take a mindful pause, a few deep breaths and get present with how you are feeling. All your feelings are valid.

I know I have been feeling all the feels these past few weeks and in many ways, I feel hopeful right now for real change in our world. 

What are you hopeful about right now? 

Leaning into hope can help you get a fresh perspective on where you are and where you want to go next.

What does all of this mean for creative businesses?

There has never been a better or a more important time than now to bring your gifts and talents to the world. The world needs you, me, all of us to bring our creativity to light in service of what matters most to you. 

We are about mid-way through the year. This is the perfect time to ask yourself some powerful clarifying questions about your business. This is what I call the Discovery Stage in my 7 step creative business success path. 

This is one of the most important stages of the Creative Business Success Path.

There are too many questions to post here, so I’ve posted them over on my blog. You can find them here if you are serious about taking a look at who you are and what you want to create. 

Discovery Questions – Stage 3 of the Success Path


  • My top 3 core values are (see core values worksheet)
  • What I am best at is…
  • What others say is unique or special about me is…
  • This will help me build my business because…
  • My BIG WHY is… 
  • My financial vision for my business for
  • The next 12 months
  • The next 3 years

My Ideal Client

  • My ideal client is…
  • I know I where can find him/her online:
  • I know where I can find him/her offline:
  • I am certain there are enough of my ideal clients to support a business  Y N
  • My ideal client’s challenges/struggles are…
  • My ideal client’s dream/aspirations are…
  • Here’s how my product/service will help my ideal client reach his/her goals…

When it comes to managing my time:

  • I’m good at
  • I need support with

When it comes to managing my energy/self-care:

  • I’m good at
  • I need support with

Set aside some time to have a creative playdate with your business this week. 

Reflect and journal on the questions above. Pay attention to what rises to the surface, what feels more important now than ever and what you could let go or feels unimportant.

Let me know how it goes. I’m curious to hear about where you are right now and what support you need? 

What would make this process easier or better?

Share in the comments below. Sending you lots of love and support on your creative business journey!

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