Do you struggle with bright shiny idea syndrome?

path to profit

path to profit

Do you suffer from Bright Shiny Idea Syndrome?

You are naturally creative and you LOVE the creative process. There’s nothing better than the feeling of embracing a new idea and starting down the path of trying it out.

In fact you just saw something on Pinterest a couple of minutes ago that you could totally do and then sell it on Etsy and have a daily podcast about it and a blog with 100,000 readers and make a million dollars and OMG OMG I’m so excited!!! …

Whoa. Easy, tiger.

“But I see so much potential in all of these ideas, they’re my seedlings and I want to nurture them and see them grow!” you say.

You will never make a PROFIT in business that way.

You’re not helping anyone by being distracted from your business by every potentially good idea. Would you rather have 11 diluted, unsuccessful ideas die on the vine or one great one succeed beyond your wildest dreams?

I can show you how to not only make a PROFIT from your best idea, but actually INCREASE your daily creative joy at the same time.


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