The Ever-Changing Landscape of Marketing

landscape of marketing

landscape of marketing

The Ever-Changing Landscape of Marketing

Since June, I have passed through 6 different states (not counting flying across the country from west coast to east coast.) In the collage above you can see some of the different landscapes I have experienced. I spent a week in Providence, RI in June. Last weekend, my husband, son and I drove from Santa Barbara, California to Estes Park, Colorado. We passed through some beautiful territory across 5 different states that I had never seen before. One afternoon as I was driving and watching the landscape go by, this idea of the ever-changing landscape of marketing popped into my head.

Yesterday I flew from Denver, Colorado to Tuscson, AZ for a training workshop where we will be spending two days learning about, you guessed it, marketing. I love Tucson, there is something about the saguaro cactus that captivates me, here are a couple of pictures from my walk this morning.

landscape of marketing

We are staying at the beautiful Dove Mountain Ritz-Carlton outside Tuscon. It’s a treat to stay in such a lovely resort surrounded by this incredible landscape and I can’t help noticing how they have used the landscape as part of their marketing efforts. Which gives me another definition entirely of the landscape of marketing that I will explore tomorrow. Sneak peak: think about how your marketing and your business are a reflection of the landscape around you.

My first thought as I was driving across Utah was how much the landscape of marketing has changed over the years. I started my first company in 2001, before the internet was being used like it is now for business. How I marketed myself and my business in those days was very different than the work I am currently doing. It was much more personal – more networking and phone calls, no social media and no blog.

While I appreciate the changes in the landscape and how they are helping me to grow as an international coach and entrepreneur, I also still appreciate the foundations of where I started all those years ago: face to face interactions, connecting with people over coffee or over the phone and through networking groups. I think that social media has created a false sense of connection.

How diverse is your marketing landscape?

Just like these landscapes that I have enjoyed this summer have been there for hundreds of thousands of years, our need to connect with people is innate! Last week I talked about creating a visual marketing plan based on color. This week I also want you to consider the landscape of your marketing. How varied is it? Is it evolving and flowing with the passage of time? Are you stuck in the past or too dependent on modern technology?

When I moved to Santa Barbara, California two years ago, I had no idea how living near the beach would have such a dramatic impact on my inner life as well as my business life. Walking on the shore at Haskell’s beach, I have experienced a flourishing of creative ideas and growth for my business. Plus I realized that the ocean itself is an amazing metaphor for the lifestyle business that I am creating. It shows up in the header on my website, it will be in the logo of a new membership group I am creating and it shows up often in my writing and daily inspiration.

What I love about the landscapes in the images above is the variety of color and texture, flat and hilly, rocky and sandy, filled with trees or cactus, old buildings or new developments… Think about your own visual marketing plan – how can you add texture and depth to how you look at your business landscape?

I would love for you to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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