In January I started a 100 day project of drawing cartoons and focusing on positive self-talk. I shared many of those thoughts and drawings during the January Ultimate Blog Challenge. I filled well over a hundred pages in my journal of thoughts, practice drawings and completed illustrations. For the April challenge I haven’t quite figured out what I want my focus to be. I am still finding my balance. I drew this cartoon mid-February before the corona virus changed life as we know it. It still hold true today.

finding my balance, covid-19, quarantine, grief, creative play

Looking for my April UBC theme

I know that to complete and thrive during these blogging challenges it helps me to have a theme or singular focus to keep me on track.

That focus feels hit or miss right now in most areas of my life and work since we began to shelter in place.

The kittens are loving quarantine

The kittens keep me off balance daily with their play, their love and their need to chew on everything, including my sketchbook. And most days I’m grateful for the distraction. Other days, I send them into the garden to chase butterflies.

daily illustration, covid-19, creativity

At the very beginning of March we were very fortunate to get to take a trip to New York City to see my daughter and her high school concert band play at Carnegie Hall. They were the last band to play before the festival was shut down. We had 4 marvelous days of exploring, eating and visiting with east coast family, culminating in an amazing concert at Carnegie hall. She’s the tall one in the back, playing marimba. The sound was incredible and we could actually here her. I will admit we cried.

Carnegie Hall, Covid-19, creativity, finding my balance

Then we hopped on a plane back to California. Got home on Wednesday March 11 to a different world. Maggie and the rest of the students returned in the wee hours Thursday the 12th. By Friday, school was canceled and we were in self-quarantine after New York. Brad and I both came home with nasty head colds – not Covd-19 thankfully – but not fun. A week later the state of California declared a statewide shelter in place. Our family life shifted dramatically to me, Maggie and Brad at home with the kittens 24/7. 

What a whirlwind of drama, change, uncertainty and deep gratitude. We are safe. We have a roof over our heads. We have food. Toilet paper is running low but I’m hopeful we will find some soon.

Feeling all the feels during Covid-19

There has been grieving for my daughter who is a senior in high school and is missing some big moments like prom and perhaps graduation and hanging out with friends and her sweet boyfriend. 

I have shed tears that my 21 year old son Conner isn’t here with us. He is sheltering in place at Grandma’s in Colorado, being very well fed but feeling isolated and trying to stay creative and engaged in the new online learning format. 

My hubby and I are as happy as clams working from home. This is our normal. And I miss my girlfriends. I miss hugs from lots of people. I miss meeting people for lunches and tea and networking.

Going outside is my greatest joy right now. The weather is gorgeous. Everything is blooming. My often twice daily solitary walks, sometimes with Brad, are my biggest solace right now.

Finding my balance today

Finding balance looks different than it did before Covid-19 and quarantine. It’s different every day as I sit, reflect, go for walks and stretch into this new way of being home and sheltering in place. I have so much to be grateful for. I am balancing daily moments of sadness with moments of sunny optimism. The emotions rise and fall, surge and retreat. I am simply allowing space for all of them.

Life continues. I am confident we will get through this. I have no idea what it will look like on the other side. As long as I stay connected to self, to creativity and to Spirit, I’m okay. Maybe I need to be more like these two. Meet Diego and Georgia, the artist kittens. Aren’t they precious (not!) They look so innocent and sweet here and they mostly are.

covid-19, creativity, finding my balance

How are finding your balance?