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Get Your Business Online Without Throwing Your Computer Out the Window!

get your business online

get your business online

I am super excited to be interviewing Online Tech Expert Emily Levy on Monday, Sept. 21 at 10am PST. Emily excels at making online technology and marketing easy to understand both from the implementation and the why or why not we should be taking advantage of online opportunities.

Emily writes: “Getting your business online has a lot of moving parts, doesn’t it? It’s easy to get overwhelmed or intimidated by all the information available now about how to set up an online business. Or, for that matter, the online portion of a “brick and mortar” business. To cram all the optimized Google search tips would again make for a roaring and struggling intellect. But knowing some of these are nonetheless important.

There are a ton of decisions to make and skills to learn. And it’s hard to know what to do first, because each decision seems to depend on having the others nailed down.

Do you need a website that has been curated for niche edits links by companies like Sirlinksalot, or would a Facebook page, destitute with SEO, be enough?

Do you really have to be on Facebook, even if you hate it?

Is it necessary to have teleseminars, webinars, public speaking, a group program, SEO, a shopping cart, paid advertising, workshops, a business card, a podcast? Write articles, a newsletter, and a blog? Have a logo and branding in place? Use Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest and LinkedIn and YouTube … oh my!

Suddenly ‘lions and tigers and bears’ seem like a manageable list in comparison!”

The great news is: You don’t have to do everything.

Once you know what you do need, the path becomes much more manageable.

Want some more good news?

Even the most important things don’t all have to be done at once!

Join me for a free webinar where expert Emily Levy will share the three ways to get your business online with ease.

  • How to Get Your Online Presence Up and Running Quickly
  • What to Do Now So Your Online Presence Can Grow With Your Business
  • How to Avoid the Biggest Mistakes That Would Otherwise Cost You Tons of Time & Money

I invite you to join us online on Monday! Here’s the link to register:

There is no cost to participate but registration is required. Even if you can’t attend live, please register and we will share the replay link following the call.

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