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Are You Getting Enough Creative Time?

When was the last time you made space in your calendar for creative play? Right now during this Covid-19 quarantine, creativity and play are the two things I believe will get you through to the other side of the pandemic feeling excited and inspired about the next steps for your creative business. Accessing your innate creativity will guide you to your next best steps for keeping your business going during this unprecedented time of uncertainty.  But creative play is also an end in itself and you should be allowing time to simply let your creative juices flow.

Spending just 15 minutes coloring, journaling, snapping photos of spring blooms, singing or walking outside in nature are all examples of ways to easily connect to your creativity.

If you follow my posts, you know I am a Certified Zentangle® Teacher and a tangling fool. Above are two recent tiles I created while sitting binge watching Picard with my husband after work. What I have discovered about tangling or painting is that when I am in the meditative creative space, I get really awesome new ideas about my business.

You might be thinking that you don’t have time in your schedule for play, what a silly waste of time at a time like this! I disagree. I think we all need moments of respite from the worry and anxiety and onslaught of news. We need a break from working at home and spending all our time on Zoom calls.

We need more time to breathe and to be!

Here’s a fun painting I recently completed that brought me so much joy and relaxation. And I painted it in about 15 minutes a day!

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How would your business change if you devoted at least 15 minutes a day to play and being creative? How much of your time do you devote to playing with new ideas and not worrying about outcomes?

Remember that brainstorming and other creative activities are not goal-directed. One of the reasons you should devote a portion of your time to creativity is to simply keep the floodgates open and play with ideas. When you do, I guarantee you will see new ideas and possibilities in front of you that you didn’t see before.

I can hear you now saying, I don’t have time, I can’t dedicate a whole day to creative play, but what if you started with a few minutes here and there. Schedule some 15 to 30 minute chunks of time in your calendar for brainstorming, mindmapping or even just flipping through a favorite magazine to find images that spark your imagination!

I promise, this small amount of creative time can yield big results for your business and help you get unstuck with when you are trying to solve a problem or come up with a bright, shiny new idea!

I’d love to hear in the comments how you make time for creativity and what you love to create.

And if you are a creative who is feeling stuck and needing some inspiration and connection with other creatives, come and join us in our Facebook group: The Sisterhood of Unstoppable Artists and Creatives.