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Thank you so much for your interest
in joining the HeartWise™ Sister Circle.

Join today and receive 50% off of your first month!

Are you ready to experience the outstanding transformation that is possible when women work together in harmony, trust and creative expression? If you have been wanting to work with a coach or join a mastermind group but felt like it was out of your reach, this is your chance to get all the benefits of a life coach and a mastermind at a very affordable price.

Here’s a sample of what you will receive each month:

  • A monthly theme. In April we are talking about Connection to self, God and others. In May we will discuss Love and Sexuality.
  • 4 Live Group Coaching Sessions with Dr. Minette Riordan
  • Private Facebook group for connecting with other Sister Circle members
  • A weekly e-newsletter with reminders, tips for inspired living and tools for personal development.
  • A weekly video or podcast lesson related to the month’s theme.

Join me on this odyssey of personal discovery. I promise that it will be fun and that we will hold each other up when it gets hard. I promise that you will begin to feel like yourself again and have a new plan of action to make your vibrant vision a reality.

The monthly fee for the HeartWise™ Sister Circle is $19.99.
Join today and get the 1st month for $9.99.



If at the end of the 90 days, you are not 100% satisfied with your membership, I will refund your money. You may cancel your subscription at any time with no hidden fees or penalties. If you have any questions or concerns regarding membership, contact Minette at minette@minetteriordan.com

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