How are you living? Build Creative Confidence Day 28

creative confidence

creative confidence


How are you living?

Build Creative Confidence Day 28

I love this poem by John O’Donohue! “I would love to live/like a river flows/carried by the surprise/of it’s own unfolding.” When I think of my own creative pursuits at this point in my life, they feel that way, like a lovely surprise and I can enjoy their unfolding. No need for planning, drawing, preparation for writing or dreaming or… just simply allowing the moment to unfold.

Somehow as adults we have lost our ability for ALLOWING life to unfold before us. We have lost faith in our own creative confidence. We are afraid of surprises and don’t manage change well. We have lost the freedom of being able to create for no other reason than the sheer joy and delight in seeing what flows out of us.

Do something creative today, anything! Allow the surprise to unfold before you. Be the river today, inspired by John O’Donohue.

Happy creating!



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