how do i blog?

How do I Blog? 3 Steps for Blogging Success

How do I blog may seem like a simple question and there many people with the promise of programs, widgets, and how-tos floating around the internet. As bloggers, business owners, and creative types we can easily be overwhelmed by all the potential information and promises of success that are readily available everywhere you look.

Yet, if you look closely at the famous bloggers and businesses who are garnering a fare share of Google’s ranking space, there are only three steps you need to take to be a blogging success. I prefer to call it blogging bliss, because once you have a steady flow of traffic and interaction on your blog, it feels blissful, exciting, rewarding and you are reminded why you started your blog. How do I blog? Let me count the ways… there are only 3!

Step 1. Be Consistent! 

Your blog has to be fresh and up-to-date if you want people to keep coming back. I don’t know about you, but I want regular readers who show up every time I create something new. Consistency is the currency that keeps readers engaged and keeps you top of mind when someone is looking for your services.

Step 2. Be Committed!

Do what you say you are going to do. Did you promise yourself that you would be writing 5 days a week and you are are barely managing to churn out one post a week? It’s time to course correct. It’s okay to recommit. The way to stay committed is to get organized. Don’t leave your blogging to chance because chances are it will just fall right off your to do list. Remember that if you are blogging for business, blogging is one of your lead generation tools. If you are struggling with commitment, you might might to join my HeartWise Sister Circle and discover why you are failing to follow through.

Step 3. Be Creative!

By saying be creative I don’t mean that you have to be an artist, professional author or a journalist who spends hours crafting the perfect post. You do, however, have to be original and authentic. You should use spell check and and make some effort to be grammatically correct. Look for inspiration everywhere! Talk about what you love about your life, your business, your kids, your pets. People want to get to know you. Think about how you can create content that is unique to you and showcases your talents and strengths.

Bonus Step. Get a calendar!

One of the tools I teach in the blogging course is how to use an editorial calendar for your blog and why it matters. When you take the time to organize your content ahead of time, it’s so much easier to sit down at the computer and write the post. You already know what it’s going to be about, no staring at a blank screen wondering what to write. Plus, as a writer, I know that when you have a topic rolling around in your head for a while it builds momentum. When you actually sit down, suddenly the ideas just flow!

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