how does your garden grow? How Does Your Garden Grow?

Do you remember the Mother Goose nursery rhyme: “Mary, Mary quite contrary,/ How does your garden grow?” That’s what popped into my head as I looked at the crazy garden of flowers I created. The art was inspired by Cheryl Moote’s work, which I admire very much.

This drawing is hanging on my bulletin board and I was looking at it while wondering what to write about today. What occurred to me is that my business feels like a spring garden in full bloom, which is glorious and exciting. But in among all the colorful blossoms are plenty of weeds. My personal path to profit has been full of change: lots of digging new holes to plant seeds, fertilizer, watering, nurturing, and of course, weeding.

Are you weeding your garden regularly?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to pull weeds in my garden. It’s necessary but not something I enjoy. Likewise in my business, there are activities that are necessary but not necessarily enjoyable.

On my personal list of not-so favorite weeding activities in my office:

  • Paperwork/Clutter
  • Paying the bills
  • Making a to-do list (I like big picture planning!)
  • Tracking numbers
  • Returning emails/phone calls
  • Dusting and vacuuming
  • Did I mention numbers?

You get the picture. I know many of my clients complain about the weeds in their business gardens. On their lists: marketing, sales, blogging, social media, paying attention to numbers…

Falling in Love with Numbers

Do you see the numbers theme hiding in the garden? The challenge for many business owners is that we think of numbers like weeds when really, paying attention to and knowing our numbers is the fertilizer that makes our garden grow and explode in a delicious riot of color. This one secret helped me to triple my business last year and I have almost doubled my income this year (and there are still 4 months to go!)

Learning to love your numbers is the number one secret to building a profitable business – not just to making more money but to creating a business that fully supports your lifestyle.

As you look at the garden of your business, what is blooming? What is fading? What needs weeding and what needs some love and fertilizer?

I love supporting coaches, artists, designers and other creative entrepreneurs to grow their business so that it feels like a spring garden that is weed free and bursting with energy. If you are struggling to find the profit in your business, I invite you to apply for a complimentary 30-minute “Path to Profit” Breakthrough session with me. Click here to apply.