How is art transforming your inner journey? Day 23 of Build your creative confidence

Have you ever considered this question: How is art transforming your inner journey? I receive a beautiful bit of wisdom in my inbox each day from Anne Marie Bennet, founder of Kaleidosoul and fellow SoulCollage® facilitator. She asks this question in her email series called “Wisdom for the Journey.”

Anne Marie’s messages are created to support and inspire those of us who love creating and using SoulCollage cards but in today’s message I also found wisdom worth sharing here in this series about Building Creative Confidence. If this is your first time visiting my blog, you can read the introductory post here.

Van Gogh’s Starry Night inspires transformation

I chose Van Gogh’s Starry Night as a background for the quote Anne Marie shared today because I adore this painting and think it exemplifies what Adzak says: “Good art is not what it looks like, but what it does to us.” Yes, I thought as I read those words, that’s it!! That is how art is transforming my journey every day. That’s the joy I find in looking at art, listening to great lyrics, reading poetry or making my own art. It’s what it does to me, it’s how it makes me feel and how it transforms my life, if only for a moment, that matters to me. It’s how Van Gogh felt about art, too. Art is necessary to my existence.

In her note in the email, Anne Marie writes, “In my work with women in groups, I have seen hundreds of  SoulCollage® cards.  And sometimes we get all excited over how one card is so ‘beautiful’ or ‘powerful’ or ‘amazing.’  But a card is still ‘beautiful art’ even if the majority of people wouldn’t label it like that.

As long as the card has moved the artist a little further on the journey inward, then it can be called ‘good art,’ and only then can it be called beauty.  Remember, the words ‘good’  and ‘beautiful’ are quite relative.”

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I appreciated this perspective and the reminder that art is about so much more than aesthetics or what society at large deems to be fashionable in the moment. True art is art that moves us, touches us deeply or transforms our life in some way.

I had the good fortune on Friday to revisit my alma mater Stanford after many years. One of my most favorite spots on campus and the site of my first date with my husband is the Rodin Sculpture Garden. Rodin is another artist who captured intense emotions in his bronze sculptures. Standing in front of the Gates of Hell or The Thinker one can’t help but be moved!

build creative confidence

On rare occasions, I feel the same jolt of emotions, joy or surprise at something I created – whether art or writing. Sometimes I get the feedback from my writer’s group that something I have written has touched them deeply or made them laugh. That makes me want to keep trying and hoping that those rare occasions become more frequent.

On other days, just a simple journal entry can lead to an intense “Aha!” that changes the direction of my thoughts or causes me to take inspired action in my business. None of that would happen if I wasn’t committed to making art on a regular basis.

Day 23 Lesson – Is art transforming your inner journey?

I will leave you with an edited version of Anne Marie’s question for your lesson in building creative confidence. Grab your journal and a pen and answer this question: How is your art transforming your inner journey?

Hint: Our focus for this blog series is to build your creative confidence. To do that, you have to be doing something creative!! If you have been reading along with these posts but not actually making any art, stop reading right now and go make art!

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