How to Make your Life Vision a Reality

life vision statement

life vision statementHow to Make your Life Vision a Reality

Last week I shared a fun brainstorming activity for helping you to define your life vision statement. As part of that process, I asked you to create a To Be list and a To Do list. If you missed that post you can read it here.

This week, I want to share what the next steps are in making your life vision a reality.

Your task this week is to choose 5 goals you would like to focus on right now! Think about goals you would like to reach in the next few months, perhaps by the end of the year.

Goals are your map. Without a map you wander and end up somewhere, but not where you really wanted to be. I always share the analogy that if I were to want to drive from where I live in Santa Barbara, California to Washington, D.C., I know I need to go east. But I can’t go directly east in a straight line. My goal is to get to DC but I need a map, I need to expect detours, pot holes and construction along the way. I also want to look at what fun sights there are along the way. What intentional detours would I like to take or side trips?

Life is not a direct path from point A to point Z. It’s important to know your destination but this is just the starting point.

Review your life vision statement and the “TO DO/TO BE” lists you created last week. If missed last week’s post, this is a fun, creative assignment you can do now. You will find the instructions here.

As you read through your lists, cross through any items that conflict with your vision statement. Sometimes we put items on our To do/To be lists that are “shoulds” and not something we really want to do. Carefully consider if each item on your list moves you closer to your life vision or further away.

With the remaining items on your list, tag them with one of these categories.

  1. Family/Relationships
  2. Personal growth/Training
  3. Business
  4. Health /Fitness
  5. Spiritual

Now, the TO DO/TO BE list should all be categorized.

Review each category and decide what your goals are for this year. I encourage you to pick at least 3 goals but no more than 5. Your goals should feel like a stretch but also feel attainable. Don’t create goals that you know you can’t accomplish. If there is a big, audacious goal that will take you longer than a few months, start by picking part of the goal to focus on. What are the next steps that will move you closer to that goal.

life vision statement

Write a declaration for each goal: By December 31, I have …

A declaration will allow you to call into existence your goals on all planes – physical, emotional, and spiritual. This is a different way of framing language that will support you in creating your life vision. Read your declarations daily.

I also suggest writing them out daily and allowing any thoughts, beliefs or ideas around reaching your goal to flow out onto paper. Working creatively with your declarations is a powerful tool for calling them into reality and clarifying next steps.

Getting to your goals is easier with this proven tactic

The next step is to break out each goal into specific, actionable steps. The reason most of us fail to reach our goals is that we want to skip from A to Z. But just like a roadmap, we have to drive the first mile, then the second and the third before we reach our destination.

Assign a time frame to accomplish each step.

For example, if you want to bring in 3 new clients by the end of the year. What do you need to do to make that happen?

It might mean you want to attract one new client each month.

Now, work backwards.

  1. To attract one client in the next 30 days, I need to send out an e-newsletter campaign to my email list.
  2. I need to schedule the time to write the emails.
  3. I need to decide what I am offering and how much I am charging.

To take it a step further, assign due dates for each of these steps and schedule time in your calendar to make them happen. If you want to start an email campaign by October 1 for example, you need to have steps 2 and 3 completed and ready to go prior to that. Is that possible? Or do you need more time?

When you clearly define each step in this way, you will make steady progress towards each of your goals.

I would love to hear what some of your goals are for the rest of 2015. Please share in the comments below.

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