Ignite Your Creative Fire with Regular Practice

Ignite your creative fire

Last night I stayed up way too late painting this angel, I couldn’t stop playing. I have a wonderful painting practice this is rich and abundant. Over the past few years I have learned to enjoy the process and the journey and not to stay too attached to outcomes. Regular practice is the way I ignite my creative fire and keep that fire stoked and burning bright.

It’s easy to want to create something pretty, to get that dopamine hit of people liking or commenting on my Facebook or Instagram pages about my art. When I get too attached to what others will “think” about my work, the joy is drained out of the process.

Ignite Your Creative Fire

I have so much joy in my life. It’s showing up everywhere. In this painting I am calling in all my angels to dance with me through the end of this amazing year.

My desk is a mess this morning, I played with all the supplies! She is not finished yet but I am having fun adding to the layers. The journey though the layers is my happy place. If I don’t like a layer I can paint over it and change it.


I feel the same way about my life, while I can’t go back and erase what has happened, when I pause to notice where I am and to enjoy the journey, I am more content. I can see the progress I am making.

ignite your creative fire

I am currently completing my certification as a Creative Depth Coach. Exploring art, narrative, myth and symbols as tools to tell my story, to uncover limiting beliefs and to heal old wounds has been a transformative and powerful process.

This morning I was working on a tree of life and mapping my journey through the year of this program. I was able to see how much inner growth and healing had happened as well as how much I created in the physical world.

I am again reminded about how how healing having a regular creative practice is for me. In this map I see excitement and joy and possibility. This creative work feeds my daily painting practice and inspires me to keep going.


creative depth coachingI am loving leading others through this expressive and creative experience as they journey along the path to healing as well. Creative Depth Coaching is a beautiful way to reconnect to your creative spirit and to ignite your creative fire.

We are all creative! It’s time we remember and believe this. The Creative Depth process is not about making Art, it’s about the process and the practice of getting to know ourselves as creative beings in the world on a journey to healing and wholeness.




As I walk into this new journey, I am looking for a few clients who would like to Ignite Their Creative Fire.

This is actually why I became a coach. Because I LOVE helping my clients go from lack of confidence, doubt and fear to feeling amazing about sharing your creative genius with the world.

And, I’m feeling called to help a whole new wave of people who are ready to connect to their creativity.

You see I believe that when we are all creating from the deepest and best expression of our creative genius, that we can reach our highest potential as humans on this planet. This collective creative consciousness has the potential to create global change, which is so needed right now.

I am offering a few “Ignite Your Creative Fire” sessions this week as my gift to you. If you or someone you know is ready to conquer their fears and reclaim their creative genius, will you share this post with them? Thank you! You. Are. Amazing.

And if you’d like to connect, email me and I can share more information.