Infographic: Create a Happier Work Environment

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Create a Happier Work Environment: Learn to Manage Poor Attitudes and Negativity

While I normally work more with entrepreneurs than companies, I think this awesome demographic from makes some great points about how to create a happier work environment. The tips and strategies work whether you are in an office or working from home with contractors and virtual assistants.

As a creative, I love infographics and how they share information visually. I think we can absorb and connect to the information in a different way. I encourage you to read through the tips below and see what you can take away today to make your work place a happy one.

I work from home with my husband, I am sure these are skills we can work on improving 🙂 Right now, I am definitely focused on managing my commitments and realizing where I have over committed. I am getting better at saying no to opportunities, even though they sound great, if it will mean working overtime to make them happen.

How can you improve communication in your business relationships?

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Poor attitudes

Infographic by Quill


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