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In our slow meandering through the ABCs of visual journaling, we have arrived at the letter L. Love was the first thing that popped into my mind, followed closely by lettering. I might do a second post on types of lettering you can use in your visual journal but today I want to share why learning to love visual journaling will change your life. I love visual journaling for how it has made me a better artist and a happier human being.

Why does love matter in visual journaling?

When it comes to art and the creative process, it can be easy to get caught up in perfectionism, procrastination or frustration. Maybe the supplies are frustrating you or the finished page isn’t as “good” as you want it to be. I started visual journaling over 10 years ago and I have made many ugly pages. Yet, I have learned what I love from every single attempt and what I can let go of. I have learned to look for what works and what is an opportunity for growth. I have also discovered myself in each layer of every page.

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“Art journaling is about learning to love yourself.”

– Dr. Minette Riordan

Love keeps you going

Imagine your relationship with your visual journal like a long time love affair. You have good days and bad days. Sometimes you intensely dislike your partner, others all you see is their beauty. Visual journaling is the same and so is your relationship with your self. What matters is the day in and day out commitment to the process and to bravely embracing all of aspects of the journey.

Having a sense of humor and support on the journey helps, too. In the image at the top of the blog I took a picture of some of my silly stuffed animals with an visual journal page. They make me laugh. My hubby hates them and thinks they are creepy, which makes me laugh even harder.

What you bring to the page can predict how the journey will go. What do you need to bring more of?

Finding what you love requires time

I would encourage you to be patient, to take time to play and to let go of the end result. Visual journaling is a magical process for capturing and mirroring your growth as an artist. It is also a radical act of self-love.

If you are struggling to make the time for your art or to own your artistry, I invite you to join me for a very special end of year event called The Radiant Retreat. We will use visual journaling as the method to explore what we want to create more of in 2022.

It’s time to stop saying you want to make more art and commit to making art as essential to your well-being. It’s not selfish to make time for yourself. I believe making art is equivalent to self-love. Doing more of what you love makes you a happier, more fulfilled person and that ripples out into every area and relationship of your life.

Join me for the Radiant Retreat.

We will use writing and art making to explore, connect and design your most Radiant year ever!

Here are some of the themes we will explore during the retreat

  • Feeling more authentic and creative?
  • A deep calling to find your purpose?
  • Having a regular creative practice that nourishes and sustains you?
  • Making art in community instead of home alone?
  • How to incorporate more ritual and sacred practice into your creative routine?
  • How to design a Radiant life that is fulfilling and meaningful?

Ready to make space for what you love? Register for the Radiant Retreat now.

When you think about the connection between love and visual journaling, what do you see for yourself? Perhaps like me, you already love visual journaling and want to make more time for it. Or perhaps visual journaling is new to you and you are still looking for what you love. Either way, stay curious on the journey and enjoy the process.

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